Sunday, June 07, 2009

Delightful students and coupon sharing

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching Lelia and Karol crazy quilting. Two fun, sweet, and talented ladies I met last year at the quilt show and learned they were fellow bloggers. They are also NANI (Needle Artisans of Northern Indiana)members, an EGA(Embroiderers Guild of America) branch which I am joining next month.

I put together kits for needle books they both decided to make. Working on a 5"x7" area to learn crazy quilting works great. Plenty of seams to learn sitching and embroidery yet not overwhelming.
Last month I asked Ellen if she would embroider a few needle names on her embroidery machine for the ladies to add to the pages in their books, so I was excited to include them in their kits. They both did a beautiful job of piecing.

Both being experienced needle women, they learned the basic CQ stitches with no problem. As usual I get so lost in the moment when in my studio, I forgot to get pics of their books in progress however I did get a pic after the piecing was complete.This is Lelia's cover........... and this is Karols.Beautiful work ladies! Maybe when they finish embellishing I could get a pic to share. I may have helped create two more CQ addicts. Shame on me! ;-) It was a very enjoyable Saturday...even with interruptions from DH.(sorry girls)

I have been lax in my posting, so I will leave you with a little gift. A coupon good starting Monday at Hob Lob. Enjoy!


  1. The needlebooks sound like a wonderful project to learn cq on. I think the embroidered needle names will add a special touch too.

  2. Had a wonderful time! Pat you are a very gracious and giving teacher. I will be posting a picture when I am finished. Thanks so much!!!!


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