Sunday, June 21, 2009

Clasp is finally on "Bonnie" purse, two others....

I don't know if I shared the pic of the pink and lime girl purse and am too lazy to go look in the archives..yes, I said lazy,LOL. I've been quite a bum today. No cooking, minimum cleaning, floating and sewing. This I could get use to. Are you sure it isn't Mother's Day? :-)

Anyway this is the pink purse which I haven't named yet. I've got to write stories for the purses before I forget. I really enjoy that part and have heard the new owners enjoy it as well. With the amount of time spent on each purse, it is impossible not to put a story with each one. While I stitch, I think about what it represents and usually jot notes along the way. My memory isn't what it used to be I'm afraid. :-)I used a crocheted doily to decorate the back pocket.
I think I wrote about this purse being named "Bonnie" Bonnie lies over the Bonnie lies over the get it. I was going to use her for a mermaid, actually I'm sure I eventually will. I love her flowing hair and the shape of her body. Definately a great mermaid.Anyway I used two metal magic solutions to rust and verdigris the gold purse frame to make it look like oxidized brass that has been in the salty sea for a while. Then I inserted the alcohol ink painted brass trim along the bottom instead of the crocheted lace I had planned. It was just too heavy looking for this purse.

This Violet purse was started yesterday.However I am at a stalemate as to what to add next. I know its because my guys are home and I can't really concentrate on my work. The velvet violet clump doesn't show up very well in the photo but I'm pleased with it in person. I do need some pansies with yellow and lots of pearl clumps meandering down through the flowers. I did decide to add this beaded berry trim to the bottom. Simple and a light touch to finish it off I think.
Tomorrow I'm sure something will come to mind as I sit drinking raspberry tea on the porch swing with Angell.
Speaking of the "devil" ,I mean Angell............... this little girl is not too happy sitting while I'm typing as fast as I can. She is too funny, she stands up, sits down and moans. Then she stands up and stares at me then exhales loudly. Gee whiz, do you think she wants my attention? Ok, Ok, we are out of here. Have a great evening.

Angell......wait until the two Teddy's see how you are behaving........................shame.........shame...


  1. Angell is just too cute! LOL

    Stories, maybe that's what I need is a story. I pieced a block inspired by flowers my hubby brought me but have yet had an idea how to start the embellishment. Make believe I can do!

    For your consideration, pink reminds me of the girl in "the Secret Garden" or maybe it was the music. LOL Purple is like the Proverbs 31 woman.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! They are all so beautiful! I am loving the "Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" purse! I love the beaded fringe you used for it along the bottom! It's perfect! I love your purse stories.

  3. Hi Angell, I am with you. Today though mom spent lots of time with me because I have a hurt leg. Tomorrow she is taking me to the vet. She has been taking extra special care of me and I am loving it. Mom says I should tell your mom she really loves these new purses and that she is glad your mom is being lazy. Although she doesn't believe one word of it!!! Take care Angell and keep demanding the attention, we deserve it. Love you, Teddy

  4. Your purses are magnificent! I love the colors, textures, everything. Oh, and if you ever want a home for the little fur me! Angell is just too cute for words!

  5. The purses are lovely. My favorite is the Bonny purse, I really like how you aged the gold/brass clasp. Your work is absolutely breathtaking.

  6. Whatr a wonderful piece!! the image will make a perfect mermaid but I love how you ahve used her here!!! The verdigris ont he glasp is pure genius!!

  7. The color combinations are amazing!I was gonna say especially the lime and pink but they are equally striking!
    HEY!!! Gimme that mouse .........
    This is Teddi Angell ~ I am feelin' your pain! I have to sit on my Mom's silly chair too! She makes me sit behind her and quite frankly ~ her butt isnt as tiny as it used to be ~ I get scquished!!!Anyway ~ I have an idea. I will have our nice mailman bring it to you!I'm pretty sure he goes to Indiana :)

  8. Your little girl, Angell, is a darling... I love how our girls know us so well and know how to tell us what they want to do NOW! This was such a beautiful story... I have a grin from ear to ear right now with thought of our pups!


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