Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A bit more progress

It has been incredibly hot the past three or four days so I stayed in the water most of the day. I know I have deadlines approaching, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow and I will spend the entire day stitching up a storm...(get it???storm...rain......sorry about that) anyway, I didn't stitch today however I do have some progress from yesterday to share. What was supposed to be a small book tote became a purse instead. The girl image was too sweet to just carry books around. Also, I had the perfect glass bead trim and ecru crocheted laces to use.This purse looks great with faded jeans. I noticed as I was stitching away and it was on my lap. Kind of a dusty periwinkle blue color. Forever in blue jeans...................................................
The little seed packet purse received a bit of embellishing. It took a while to make the three beaded bees, which I think just had to be included. I sat and made several bees one day and misplaced the container I put them in. One day I will find it and laugh when I see 20 tiny beaded bees.
I love the thread I made the pink flower with. It was from House of Stitches in LaPorte, and I still have a gift certificate from NANI...guess what I'm buying?????

Bath time....I hope to start stitching bright and early. I can't believe I am actually hoping for rain.


  1. Nice bag Pat, I agree it will look great with faded denim.. and "The Bees!!!!! Oh how sweet..Yes the ones you made will come forth when they are ready!! Hmmmm......
    I do them in stumpwork too.... have you???

  2. Hi Pat~
    Your work is gorgeous as usual. I love the little bees.
    Looked like rain here late today, but it broke up before it reached my house. We are in a sauna here. Three diget degrees tomorrow. We sure need a cold, really we need an artic front. LOL
    Work hard tomorrow!

  3. I love the wee bees! I can pretty much guarantee it will rain tomorrow (at least here) because we're invited to a friends cottage for the day and every time we get rains.

  4. That is lovely. I liked your pun!

  5. Beautiful bees and all! Love your artwork! I think rainy days are so great because I feel peaceful just staying in and working on fun fulfilling projects! Have fun!

  6. Enjoy the rain. Though inconvenient, it is a gift. The bags are darling and the bees are just too cute.

  7. Love those bead bees. I shall have to give them a try. I think your purse is wonderful.Sharon

  8. Wow! For someone who claims it is too hot to stitch, you are sure getting a lot accomplished! Love the bags, all of them, and really love the tiny beaded bees - too cute!

  9. OMGosh - those little bees are adorable.

    Don't you just hate it when you can't find something??? :)

  10. WOW!!! So gorgeous.

  11. do love the bees also!!
    I have not tried them and they look to be a must for me!
    Any tips?
    Enjoy the temp is much cooler but no rain today for us.


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