Monday, June 29, 2009

Been a bit busy.....

I have been trying to finish up an order this weekend and I knew if I got online I would end up sitting for a few hours reading, replying and browsing, so I decided to stay away from my blog.

I have been stitching on the porch all morning because it cooled off and there is a wonderful breeze. Now I am about to put finishing touches on a few things and call it quits.

I did finish this purple eyeglass case...
and this blue/brown one.
I also made this pastel bird neck pouch...and this lime and yellow fairy one, which needs a trim to cover the fringe satin along the bottom.

I even finished two neck purses. A purple and pink one...................
and a medium burgundy one.
They both need small touches and then they will be done as well.

I wish I could hire someone to put these together for me so all I had to do was embellish :-) Oh well, back to the projects. I am so close to being finished!


  1. Beautiful work,you've been busy. It is a nice day out-my kind of weather. Hugs Leslie

  2. I know I sound like a broken record everytime I visit...but it's all very sincere...I love your work! Beautiful projects once again! :)

  3. Girl what vitamins do you take. You know I love everything you do. You have the creative gift. By the way I sent you an email as I was trying to order something and at checkout it kept coming up as $0.00. Now Pat we all know how generous you are but this is to much...LOL. Check your email when you have a second. Thanks for visiting my new little venture. Sharon

  4. You know I do't think that it is such a crazy idea to have someone who puts them together for you, as long as their work meets your standards. In these economic times I bet that with a few inquiries you could find someone who would do it for a fee- by the Piece!! Something to think about.
    Simply lucious work as laways, girl!!

    you are a wonder!!

  5. They all are lovely!!

  6. Dear Pat,
    You are surely a whirlwind to get things done.. I love every one of your pieces. I have made beaded neck purses for years but I love yours, I really like the idea of an eye glass case...I think I will make myself one...
    When I use to sell smocked dresses(They were so pretty with beading in the stitches), I had so many orders I thought about having someone assemble the dresses after I got the smocking done.... However I guess I am too picky as even dresses in the stores were never finished to my liking!So I Poo-Pood that idea.. Who needs more than 4 hours sleep a night anyway!! hahahha

  7. These are all positively gorgeous, Pat! And I often wonder how you manage to finish all these projects by yourself, too.

    I LOOOOOVE my puzzle piece!!!!

    Kathy V in NM

  8. Oh Pat! Your pieces are sooooo beautiful! Each one is an exquisite work of art and an amazing accomplishment! Enjoy your day!

  9. Your work Pat is beyond spectacular. You truly have a gift for artistic crazy quilting and embellishing. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration.
    P.S. I need your vitamin secrets for energy!

  10. They're all just beautiful Pat.

  11. Where do you find all your lovely cigarette silks?

  12. Just gorgeous. May I ask where you get your stunning ladies??? I love everything you have been doing! Laurie

  13. Thank you all for the very nice comments. Laurie, I get my images from image cd's purchased online. I browse etsy and ebay. I also buy instant download sheets on etsy.Browse for vintage image cd's and you will find several.
    Hope this helps.Pat


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