Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Back from PA

No housework, no errands, no internet, no shopping for stash....but yes, a bit of stitching. I did embellish four more puzzle pieces while watching the sun rise over the mountain......................

I had such a great time with Laney in PA. The trip was a breeze, great weather, and such a relaxing environment. Gorgeous views of the mountains brought back memories of youth,cousins,and vacations to grandmas. I really don't know where to start. I guess I will just write about bits here and there as they come to mind.
At the start of our trip Laney spotted a blimp....it was only advertising Direct TV.

Hours later the mountains are coming in to view............
Heading toward Johnstown PA eight hours later. The next day we drove through an old established neighborhood on our way to the cemetery where Laney's parents and brother are. It was great to see every home had the state flower planted in the yard....the Rhododendron. Gorgeous!I loved the lattice wooden doors on this church.Arriving at the cemetery....the Johnstown flood claimed many lives and so many were unknown as you can see at these unmarked grave sites. They are at the entrance to the cemetary for all to remember the disaster. As some of you may know, I find cemetaries to hold much beauty and walk through them whenever possible.This one was breathtakingly beautiful. I wish I had better pictures, but I was so amazed at this cemetery with the rolling hills spotted with huge Rodedendrons and gorgeous views that I couldn't focus on picture taking as I soaked in the beauty. This picture shows only a fraction of the size. It had so many rolling hills with the blue sky as a background, and it looked like you were on top of the world.

Before heading back we stopped at the Incline Plane. Naturally I was too chicken to ride the plane down, but I did go out on the balcony,well almost all the way to the edge. It was too nerve wrecking to actually step to the railing, but I got the pics I wanted.. Laney grew up here, so she had no problem.
The view was awesome. Bethlehem Steel plants speckle the area below.This just looked too scarey for me! The incline planes pass each other as one goes up...the other goes down.On Sunday we had to take Laney's niece away from her home so her family could set up her 50th birthday party so we visited the Discovery Museum. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about the imigrants that settled in Johnstown. Slovaks,Jews,Amish, etc. Sad and very hard lives they led.
Laney on the right and Karen, her niece on the left as we depart the museum and head to the party!!! It was sunny and kind of cool which was great weather for an outdoor party. Laney on a horse for the first time ever! Go Laney!!!! Ride em cowgirl!!!!
Waving goodbye, we head home to Indiana with fun memories spent together.
I enjoyed every minute and I even got to visit my aunt Dottie who was only 20 minutes from where we stayed. She is the one I had made the neck pouch for. I was touched and happy to see it hanging at the foot of her bed with her eyeglasses in it. That was such an unexpected treat. My mother's only sibling and my favorite aunt.She was very happy to see me and called mom immediately. I can't thank Laney enough for insisting we find her, and for inviting me to accompany her on this road trip down memory lane.

I'm trying to catch up on all of my blogs. The Pieces of Friendship blog should be caught up. I had so many packages waiting for my return. I can't wait to swap them oput and send them on their way.
Tomorrow I hope to update the Comfort Doll blog and my garden blog although not much is happening there. Have a great evening, I am heading to bed early tonight so I can get a lot accomplished tomorrow.


  1. How lovely....beautiful scenery, quiet reflection, connecting with people. Hope you feel restored.
    I LOVED your book.I have had a bit of surgery, so have been having time withing the pages of your book for some comfy musings.I agree..there is nothing like a Garden,,,,have fun opening all those packages..exciting!!

  2. What a fun time with your friend. Pictures brought back some old memories for me as I had a boyfriend (long ago) from PA. Glad you had a great time. Sometimes a change for a day or two is good.Sharon

  3. Hi Pat,
    I'm so glad for you that you've had great time.
    I hope you feel great after this lovely short break. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, I really enjoyed so much to read and see the lovely photos.
    Stay well,

  4. Pat, thanks for the pics. I love to see the great old homes in parts of the USA. I love your architecture. Sounds like you two had a great time. Looks like you also had the wind in your hair too, great fun.
    Cheers Larna

  5. Dear Pat...Welcome home! So glad you made it safe and sound...What a lovely time you must have had. I enjoyed seeing all those beautiful homes and the gardens around them.. I guess we are alike in the fact that you don't like heights?!?! Me too. I almost get a panic attack just thinking about it.!!!
    You must feel relaxed and ready to go after such a nice break with your friend ...
    Thanks for sharing all the lovely potos.

  6. What a lovely trip you had Pat. Thank you for sharing your photos and nostalgia. I too love cemeteries. I find them very beautiful. You have encouraged me to search out the ones locally and enjoy wandering through them.


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