Friday, May 08, 2009

Wonderful mail and creating in the sun

Today's mail brought wonderful charms from France. Anne Le Toux (love that name) exchanged charms with me last week through Amber Dawn's Charm Day celebration. I fell in love with Anne's charms and it was very hard to choose, so we exchanged two :-) I just love the presentation. A grunge envelope. You may think I'm crazy, but I am framing it. It looks rusty. I just met Anne, an am not very familiar with her work, but that will change. It is interesting stuff.She wrapped the charms with old pages from a French book and a beautiful postcard with her artwork on it.
Anne made this beautiful mermaid charm which will be a wonderful addition to my sea themed charm necklace. Anne also send this sweet bird charm which will hang on my bird themed charm necklace. So detailed. I love them both very much. Thank you Anne LeToux ( I like writing her name)

After receiving my new charms, I gathered my loose charms and headed to the back deck to sit in the sun and create.Creating in the sun with the scent of Lilac, nothing like it.

I played around with my little "Marjorie" doll and this is where she lives.....for now. I may do some changing.
I grouped my charms into three themes and will soon start on altering and assembling the necklaces so I can wear them. Oh how I love one of a kind wearables!
My sea theme charms........
Bird theme..the pink one from Amber Dawns charm swap reads,"A walk in the country", so I had to add it to this necklace.
Dream theme.I added the fuzzy pink charm from Anne to this selection. It was the right color.The clear acrylic oval will be altered with words and the bottle will be filled with glitter .

Gotta go trim DS's hair, then get packed for tomorrow's cq class. I hope you all have a great evening.


  1. I just love what you ahve done with marjorie!! She looks so happy in her new special place!! Love Anne's work- I agree about the envelope!!!Hugs!

  2. You will have to show that lady how sweet Majorie looks now. It will make her happy. Sharon


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