Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time flies..............checking in.

I can't believe it almost a week has passed since I've blogged.Jill called yesterday to see if I was alright because I haven't blogged since last Sunday. I had no idea it had been so long. Thanks for the wake up call Jill!

I have been painting furniture and moving stuff around as I am adding my grandmother's dining set in my front room. Now I can have friends come over to stitch and have tea at a real table. :-)

I still have a lot of decorating to do however I have to share this glass knob I found at Hob Lob. I had to have it for the china cabinet.

The garden is really showing itself. It should be in full color next week or two, but as you can see, it is green! The Iris and phlox are so tall this year.
I promise blog more soon, so much going on, fun things to share, however I must get ready for a play day with Jilly bean. We are headed to her daughter's home to see Jilly's grandmother's crazy quilt...oh yes, I will get pics :-)
Then we are stopping at Erica's in hopes of finding cotton fabric so I can make chair skirts. Gotta dress grandma's chairs!
I really need a break from decorating and painting........
SO, I will blog soon, I hope you all have a great day!


  1. What a neat looking knob..I hope you'll post pictures of the table. The chairs definitely need to be dressed. :0)


  2. Pat did you know a day without Pat is a day without sunshine. Let's not let this happen to often. LOL Sounds like you are having fun and getting your projects done. I love the knob, how pretty. Sharon

  3. Your garden is gorgeous!

  4. Pat, I like the new picture of yourself that you posted. Pretty lady!

    Don't you love Hobby Lobby! I visited my 1st one a few weeks ago. We didn't have one nearby so Holly (my lstborn) took me to one in Syracuse. But...lo and hubby read in the paper that our mall is getting one and when we drove by, it's already being stocked, sign is up and everything! :-))

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Pat I am so glad Jill called you as I was missing your blogs also. Your garden is so beautiful and lush. I look forward to pics of all your new decorating and furniture. I hope you find just the perfect fabric for chair covers. Safe weekend to all.

  6. i think your sense of mix and math is very good.. :)


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