Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still playing catch up!

It is amazing how time flies when you're having fun! Yesterday I met Jill at her house and we went to a new nursery in Valpo. I found these beautiful bearded Iris. I love the delicate beauty of an Iris, and wish they would bloom all Summer long.

Arriving home, I planted the Iris and then checked the mail and the box was full! No, I don't carry my camera with me everywhere....... I happened to have my camera because I took pictures of the new Iris for my garden journal. In the mail as you can see, several puzzle pieces arrived worldwide! Cool!

My tag book also arrived from Scotland. I joined a tag book swap hosted by Evie. This is my first tag book, and it is filled with miniature art. Thanks everyone. This was a lot of fun.

Last night I worked on this eyeglass case for an online friend, and a purse for a gal who saw the fairy pouches in Haute Handbags and wanted a purse. I will share the purse pic soon.

This morning I had the urge to go to the beach. It was only 6:00, and I didn't want to wake mom, so I ventured off alone. I passed my friend Karen's house and saw her car in the garage, wishing I could grab her to go with me but knowing she was getting ready for work. We've got to get together soon. If only time didn't pass so darn quick and we didn't have so much on our plates.

It was early, gloomy and very humid so the beach was empty. I started down to the water with an uneasy feeling. Perhaps it was because I was alone, or that it was so early, but I just had a bit of a scared feeling. I was thinking if I could just walk to the shore and find a piece of blue glass, I would then go home. Guess what? Yes, I swear I walked straight to the waters edge and there among the smoothed stones was a beautiful cobalt blue mermaids tear. I stood for a moment stunned and I looked around because I couldn't believe it. I immediately thought wasn't going to blog about it because it was unbelievable, but decided to anyway because it happened, and was just too special not to share.
I was excited and stunned, as thoughts of dad were flowing through my mind so I decided to stay and walk the shoreline. It was comforting to be alone while thinking of what dad would have been doing this time of year. Would he be complaining about the rain? Thinking it was too wet to put in a garden? Would the raccoons be digging up his tomato plants like they have my brother's? How many articles from Prevention magazine would he have waiting for me to read? I could see him so clearly in his blue check flannel shirt tucked into his relaxed faded comfort fit jeans with blue slip on boat shoes and ball cap on his thinning hair carrying a mason jar filled with sweetened Lipton tea headed for the garden as if it were yesterday. Miss you dad.
I found many treasures but also came away with a peaceful feeling and a longing to see and talk to dad once more.

I have been working on documenting the arriving puzzle pieces and the Comfort Doll project today. I took a break to check the mail and another pack of puzzles arrived!!!! Also, to my surprise, the Summer issue of Sew Somerset magazine arrived. I cannot believe I had forgotten about having work featured. My crazy quilted bangle bracelets. (Hey Lisa Alff, this one too,LOL. ) I want so much to pour a glass of cold blueberry juice and sit on the porch and browse, but I have to finish organizing these items and get them blogged. I am so behind it isn't funny. Perhaps this evening if it cools off???????????

Alright...I am off to take pics and get the other blogs updated before I am so far behind I'll have to hire a secretary! Have a good one.......


  1. beautiful photos !! ^^ congratulations for your publication !

  2. What a very special time you had with your Dad. Congratulations on your latest publication. Enjoy that cool blueberry juice.

  3. Beautiful flowers, so many surprises in the mail, the eyeglass case if lovely, congratulatons on your publication and priceless is the time spent with Dad!!!!!!


  4. Pat I think your dad was with you. I just know it.Congrats again on your article.I can't wait to get my copy. Sharon

  5. What a beautiful morning you had! Your dad was with you, guiding you. I am so happy that you had this special time with him.
    I LOVE my eyeglass case, can't wait to receive it. Congratulations on your publication, the bracelets are beautiful.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your special mornings. sounds like you had a gift this day.
    I also have been thinking of my Dad.

  7. Oh yes congradulations.
    I must go get me copy of Sew sommerset. Can't wait to see it.

  8. Hi Pat,
    It is for sure that your Dad was with you...He must be proud of you and share your happiness for your latest publication.

  9. SOOO Cool that you are in SEW SOmerset!! that is one of the mags hat I buy everytime!! Love your Iris- the redish one is very unusual. The tale of your Dad brught tears to my eyes! You are extremely blessed to ahv had such awonderful relationship with your Dad and to know that he is with you so often!!

    big QWarm Hugs!
    Can't wait to see the puzzle pieces!!!!

  10. What a special time you had on the beach & awesome article in the magazine! Congratrs


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