Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nice day

This morning I did get to the beach, but only for about 20 minutes. Mom had sinus and there was a slight cool breeze so I pretended to be in a hurry to get home because we were having stone delivered. I knew she was miserable and wouldn't ask to leave. I did find three pieces of glass! Anyway, I am mentioning this for another reason, my friend Marjorie ,posted about how songs can get stuck in your brain for hours, and the song I was mentally singing at the beach was, and don't laugh....."I kissed a girl and I liked it". Do you believe that? I only heard it once, on the Ellen show a few weeks ago. It wouldn't go away for several hours. At the beach, I thought to myself, if only mom would hear this song ,LOL.
Ok, now how many of you have it stuck in your head? Sorry!

When I returned home I wrapped laces and trims on the newly found bobbin spools. Then I had a lollipop! I found these at Michael's and thought they were so cute! I never intended to eat one however.

The stone arrived on time (happy dance) and the delivery man was so nice. He did a great job "tail gating" it through the driveway. I am one of those gals who still enjoy a gravel driveway, also one who dislikes dishwashers and prefers hand washing, and loves to place lilacs in every room as soon as they bloom. Call me old fashioned, but simple things can be more rewarding, let me tell you.

After he left I grabbed my projects and grabbed Angell for a front porch swing stitching party. I poured a small glass of wine because it was hot out....yes, that's a good reason. :-) I wanted to give my students a little Mother's Day gift, so I made each of them a needlebook with an image of part of my CQ on the front. This way they can be reminded to stitch! :>) I sewed two small ziplock bags on one side for threads, beads, threader, etc, and a piece of wool on the other to keep needles. Not the best sewing job, but I never claimed to be a seamstress!

I received more puzzle pieces, so I will update the swap blog and the garden blog in the morning. I can't believe how tall the fern and Peonies grew in two days. It just rained for a bit, so tomorrow they will have grown even taller. Exciting!!! Have a great evening. New Grey's Anatomy is on, gotta go!!!!


  1. You made me laugh, Pat. Lollipops!

    Love the simple pleasures!


    PS: ....and finding mermaid's tears.

  2. Love the trims on the bobbins. The needlebooks look great!

  3. Love your idea and gift for your class.
    Very thoughtful
    Such a busy time of year...
    You are very ambitionus.

  4. Those lollipops are so pretty! How could you eat one? What flavor was yours? Did you share with Angell? I'm not even sure who Angell is! LOL Love the laces on those spools. Such a neat idea! Ruby

  5. What a wonderfula dn thoughtful gift for your students!!! they should be bringing gifts for the fabulous teacher!!!! your new pieces are beautiful and will sell for sure!!My garden is bursting with growth as well- spring rain is just the best!!!

  6. Beautiful idea to make the needlecases. What fun! Love the spools of lace, too.

  7. Sounds like a simply wonderful day!
    I love the simple pleasures in life myself too....they are the best. I love lilacs...they smell heavenly!
    Your needle gifts for your sutdents are a nice idea and a great Mother's Day gift too!

    You have a wonderful Mother's Day yourself! May you be blessed with God's riches!


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