Wednesday, May 06, 2009

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After shopping, I returned home and rushed to put things away so I could mulch and plant a few flowers that followed me home before cleaning up for a meeting.
A purple Aster, Pin cushion, spikes, wave petunias, were all planted as the sunny skies turned cloudy and dark. I continued to mulch as it began to sprinkle. DH arrived home and he and DS headed to town for errands and dinner because I had plans to attend the NANI (needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana) meeting as Marjorie's guest. I had been trying to attend a meeting for months, but weather and life got in the way.

Nervous about traveling in rain to a new place, I decided to leave early and hit the Vogue fabric shop nearby. It wasn't a long trip, and barely rained. I found a few new Dupioni colors and a Jacquard that I needed to play with. I also chose a few beautiful sequin beaded appliques and gorgeous trims. A few Dupioni remnants to share, and I was on my way.

Our plan was to meet at a Chinese restaurant before the meeting. I knew that would relax me a bit before the meeting, and was very happy to be invited.

With such a busy day, once again, I forgot to eat and I felt that hunger headache coming on. Instead of browsing other shops to kill time, I decided to go ahead and eat at the restaurant while I waited for Marjorie and her friends.
I never eat alone in a restaurant, and this was my first time. Imagine that! I enjoyed it as I sat reading the garden section of the newspaper and being served shrimp kow and crab rangoon
(forget the calories). I was feeling better, and way too full but happy the headache wasn't going to ruin my evening.

Marjorie and three other members of NANI arrived and we had pleasant conversation. One of the members happened to be a sweet lady I met from the quilt show last Oct, Karol. She just finished an amazing wolf cross stich that will take your breath away. I got to see it last night. WOW! I will be teaching her and another new friend and NANI member, Lelia to crazy quilt this month. Yeah, sure, me teach them??????
During dinner, Marjorie kept pulling all this wonderful stuff from her bag. I think it is a magical bag of some sorts???? She made an adorable felt cake from a kit that looked so real that even with a full belly I was tempted to take a bite. She also had pendants she made from a class using Swarovski crystals. Gorgeous! Where was my camera???In my purse...duh! Then she gave me a piece of the mustard yellow felt from which she made one of her puzzle pieces with. How sweet was that? She also made a wool name tag for me because all NANI members wear name tags....hmmmm is she hinting at something? :-)Actually I am considering joining NANI, so I will be all set with the pretty tag. Than you Marjorie. You certainly think of everything.The puzzle piece is so cool too! Aside from hosting the Pieces of friendship swap, I see how my life is a puzzle, and each piece is falling into place. The following event will prove that. But first I must say I had such fun sharing my CQ with the members and viewing their work. A warm welcoming group that I hope to get to know better. Also, I was so surprised to have won the door prize!!! It really shocked me, and I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as I sat there stunned. I had quite a choice, but selcted the certificate to my favorite thread shop, House of Stitches in LaPorte. Thank you everyone for a perfect evening!!!!!

Ok, remember the comment about serendipity and the armless bisque doll???????????
Marjorie had magazines she no longer wanted to share with her group and I took one to look at while waiting (it calms me to get my mind off of a crowd of starngers) I chose an issue of Belle Armoire that for some reason I didn't own. On the last page, was an image that gave me chills. The doll I found earlier that morning was perfect for the necklace I was viewing, AND..... the doll necklace was named PEARL! My grandmother's name. You know what will become of the little orphaned armless doll now. I hope to wear it next month in hopes of showing the vendor just how loved she was.
Now that my friends, is SERENDIPITY!
I am now exhausted from reliving such a busy and wonderous day. I am off to the garden with a project. Have a great day!


  1. What a day you had! I can't wait to see the necklace you make with your doll. That is such a neat idea!

  2. Ok Pat I read your continuingday backward and the forward. I am now exhausted. But I loved every moment of your day. What fun you have. Sharon

  3. I am so happy that you could join us hope to see you again at NANI. I am so looking forward to the CQ class! I am looking forward to just learning how to play with stitches! Great finds at the flea market and I can not wait to see your doll necklace!

  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. They are my favourites things to do too.

  5. Pat, I think I need to go get a cup of tea and relax after reading your travels....whew!....You tired me out!!I wish I had a fragment of your energy..... is it the fresh air by the lake!??
    What a wonderful time you had and that DOLL!!!! that is uncanny.... Really makes you wonder when things like that happen... I can hardly wait to see your doll in a necklace....It will be lovely I know...
    Congratulations on winning the door prize too.
    I was looking at the silk and trim you got. The trim is so pretty..
    I can only imagine what you will do with it.. Have if I have to tell you that....
    Now I'm off to try and finish my puzzle pieces to-night!

  6. Pat, your adventures are amazing to to hear how you spend your day!
    The puzzle name tag is perfect for you and the dinner...oh the dinner..I can smell it while you were!
    Congratulations on your win...what a sweet ending to a wonderful day!

    Can't wait to see your completed necklace.


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