Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last class..miss students already

Yesterday was the last session of the crazy quilt class. I was very pleased to see everyone enjoying their project and how they worked so hard on them. Everyone kept a positive attitude and it was a really fun group to teach. Two students were sick, but their last notes will be mailed to them along with their needle books.
Shall we peek behind the students shoulders as they work? Marti added a pretty lace around her box which she creatively beaded.She added Victorian ephemera to her lid. They were very neat little pieces too! I wanted to pick them off and put them in my pocket,LOL.
Flo is working on her spider web. She added "feet" to her box which is an excellent idea. Flo left a gift of my fvorite toffee in my bag with a sweet note. I don't know how she knew I loved toffee, but it is not hidden in my studio...near the computer :-> (thanks Flo!) Nicole, our "Frenchie", has such a wonderful accent. She really did a lot of embellishing during the last class. Go Nicole!!!!

Here I'm explaining something to Nicole and taking a nap at the same time apparently,LOL. That's what I call multi-tasking!(eyes closed?????) Jill aka Jilly bean (sorry Jill) is planning her next move. She found some gorgeous vintage laces and baubles at an antique shop last night and shared them with us. I never tire of seeing vintage lace. Jill snuck some pretty vintage pin parts and a pair of beautiful lace cuffs in my bag because I mentioned how pretty they would look on a jean jacket. You know my project for Autumn!!!!!! Thanks Jill, you are in trouble!
Donna, oh Donna! Donna presented me with a prettysheer ribboned box decorated with birds and nests at the end of class. I told her I would open it over a cup of tea with my feet up. Boy was that a great idea! It was home made scruptious brownies! Needless to say, I am taking off being good this week with all these goodies to indulge in. Thank you Donna, that was so sweet, and yum-o! I'll post a pic when my battery charges.
Bette did some beautiful beadwork and almost finished all of her seams before class. I was very touched when she told me the class was a gift from her DH for her birthday and it was the best gift she could receive. What an honor.Thank you Bette, I was thrilled to hear that.
Brenda aka "Sis", almost finished her embellishing and also added "legs" to her box which she antiqued. Very nice. Brenda had lots of goodies I had to browse through. A crazy quilter cannot resist eye candy treasures!
The three weeks just flew by and I miss the gals already. I do hope to see them again. I am offering clases in my studio for one on one sessions. Students can learn anything they want including stump work, Russian Punch needle, machine or needle felting, making their own fabric, dyeing silk ribbons, painting poly laces, etc.
Tomorrow I start transforming my garden shed into a Summer studio for classes or meet and stitch time. I bought three beautiful paper latterns from Victorian Trading Co. I cannot wait to hang them. I shall share my progress as I go, so stay tuned.

Goodbye for now ladies....I miss you already!
How can you help but get attached to a friendly group of girls like this? P.S. I had no idea Wendy snapped the photo as I was giving Jill rabbit ears. I swear I didn't. I do love Jill's expression though :->


  1. What awonderful post. Thanks for sharing. Looks like fun was had by all. Pat thanks for the card. Happy Mothers Day to you. I am off to the islands with my son for a fun filled day. May even get some beach time in.Sharon

  2. I always hate to say goodbye when I take or teach a class. Looks like everyone had a great time. Love the tip on adding feet to the box. Had not considered that. Ruby

  3. Nice post. Your students did beautiful work.

    Your idea for a summer studio reminded me of a shop in LaPorte, I think its called the Flying Pig, or When Pigs Fly. Something like that. If its still there, it has a outdoor show one weekend in the summer and its worth the trip to look around.

  4. Hi Pat, thanks for stopping by. See you have made some more wonders. You are one prolific lady, beat me hands down. I play in the sun too much. Love to see the finished products.
    I did the Mind wide open challenge this month, will miss next month. Off to NZ on my annual.
    I will miss all my friends, and your work very much
    aloha Lilla

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time! Maybe sometime soon I can do a class with you, that be so fun!

  6. What a fun class! I would love to take a class from you! Look at all those beautiful pieces getting all embellished! ....sigh....

  7. Obviously you did a great job with your class, Pat!! LOOk at all fo the beautiful results!!! I bet that the class was over the moon about your wonderful gifts for them!! Your Summer Studio and One On One classes sound divine!! if I lived closer I would be over at least once a week!!1 Big Hugs!! And Jobb Extremely WEll DOne!!!~

  8. Pat, it looks like another full filled class....the pictures are great, the ladies look happy and the pieces look lovely!
    Thanks for sharing!



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