Friday, May 01, 2009

Harvesting eggs....dyeing class ribbons

Yesterday was spent dyeing silk ribbons and harvesting eggs for my bird nest charms. It seems I didn't have enough eggs to fill my nests. :-)

I used alcohol inks to dye my pearls for eggs. I didn't have oval pearls, but these worked fine. You have to work fast with the ink on pearls because alcohol melts plastic. You want to paint the pearl and move it away to dry. Do not let it sit in the ink mixture or it will dissolve the pearl coating off your bead. Ask me how I know! I hope to finish these up tonight so I can ship them all off tomorrow. I also need to make a quick trip to buy tiny lobster clasps. I didn't realize I only had five of the tiny ones :-) So those of you who have a nest charm coming, they will be there next week.
I thought it would be nice to have newly dyed ribbons for my class to choose from if they desired to purchase any. In my neck of the woods, silk ribbon is hard to find unless you want to choose from five colors of hard crunchy Bucilla. So I spent the rainy day dyeing.
When I was hanging the last bunch to dry, the sun came out!!! Really, it did. I took the opportunity to walk around the garden to snap a few pics for my Blissful Gatherings blog which I will post next. Here are the ribbons for my gals to choose from.I'm sure I will have plenty left over for Artfire and etsy. There are more colors underneath each pile. I had to scrunch them together for a pic. I will also pass out nail files before they begin working with the silk ribbon. I thought if they were in their kits, they would have thought they were to manicure their nails before next class,LOL.

Earlier this morning the sun was out, but it looks like more rain. A good day to run for clasps and a class treat. I also have to post new puzzle piece arrivals on the swap blog today. They are all so pretty. When I receive Marjorie's tomorrow, I will take a pic of them all pieced together :-)


  1. Your nest charms are so dear!! You are too clever!! The girls will dye for your lovely ribbons!! have fun in class and I can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. How sweet your little nests are, Pat!

  3. It looks about a tutorial for CQMagOnline about dyeing pearls? :-)

  4. Pat your silk ribbons are absolutely beautiful. Such a rainbow of hues. I also love your bird nest charms. They are so creative and so special.

  5. These little nests and just beautiful...

  6. I love your little nests. Just beautiful. I must say I was concerned about the title "harvesting Eggs"... I was worried that you had built a hen coop and were out there dancing with the hens, gathering eggs....nothing would surprize me. LOL Sharon

  7. ah those ribbons, so yummie! I found your beautiful blog thru Brenda, my Texas ARTner in crime!

  8. I love all of your gorgeous, little nests and I just can't believe all of the gorgeous ribbons, so pretty.


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