Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guess what I did yesterday!!!

Yesterday mom had planned to stop by for tea in the garden.It was a beautiful day in the garden.

I had tea sandwiches prepared, and plated some brownies from Donna(the gift from class in the pretty bird box).Yum! I turned on my new fountain, the sun was shining brightly, the birds were singing, it was the perfect setting for the first Spring tea to start our seasonal tea parties. We like to view the garden in different stages. Right now, the fern are just starting to fill in and fully open. Next month you won't be able to see the fountain unless you are in the center of the garden. One reason I love fern...privacy.
Well, that was short lived as we walked through the garden and made comments on needing a splash of yellow here and some color tucked away there. Before you knew it we were in the car headed to nurseries. We hit Home Depot first, then a garden shop. I found some new lilies which were so big and beautiful. I had to try these beauties.Then we decided to take a trip to a huge greenhouse in LaPorte. Could you tell mom was a bit anxious to shop???? :-)Here we found creeping thyme, Nicotiana,nice geraniums, and some new border flowers. On the way home we stopped at two other roadside flower stands and found some annuals. I forgot to mention before heading to LaPorte we had to come back home to empty the car. Yes, we went a little crazy. I finished planting everything except a few geraniums.
It was fun to see mom having so much fun and knowing her garden will have instant color. I plan on going over Thursday to help her clean out her flower beds and paths before we plant. I bought her a water faountain for Mohter's Day and we will sit in her garden and listen to trickling water and singing birds as we chit chat and enjoy the rewards of our work over tea. As for the tea sandwiches and brownies.....well, they I will make more sandwiches, pack some brownies and take with me to mom' on Thursday. Today I am off woth Brenda aka Sis to the Textile Warehouse in Chicago. Brend loves fabric as much as I do, and after telling her about this place, she had to go see for herself. I will try to restrain myself, but I can't make any promises :-)
Have a great day!


  1. What a great way to spend the day, even if it wasn't exactly how you planned it - nothing like a shared passion to make an afternoon meaningful.
    Take Care!

  2. Those pictures are so beautiful. I want to be having tea in your garden! It looks so perfectly peaceful.

  3. Everything is so green and the flowers are beautiful...what a fun day!
    I'm echoing Risa...I too would love to have tea in your garden.

    Pat, we have a place in LA called the Fashion Distruct that has fabric to you name it....hubby and I love to go there.


  4. What a wonderful day. I love your garden. Sharon

  5. Lovely pictures. Great day with Mom! The ribbon came today. Thank you! Ruby

  6. Pat, the lilies are so beautiful. We had several varieties a few years ago, brilliant colors, like silk threads! But the voles ate the bulbs.... :-(

  7. That was so funny! Here I was expecting a blog post about a quiet little tea party with your Mother and it ended up being a gardening-a-palooza! The flowers you got are beautiful! They really jazz up your already gorgeous garden. :)

    That's beautiful outdoor furniture, by the way!

  8. The patio furniture is TO DIE FOR!!
    I remember the pic's of it from last year but it bears repeating!
    I saw the same stuff in one of my gardening books or magazines recently ~ I can't remember which one.
    I hope sweet Little Angell is doing well!!!


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