Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good morning...or is it ????

Oh my..............
Have you ever whipped up a batch of crepes taking care to make your batter so smooth ....and pour it into your crepe pan moving in circles so you get proper coverage...patiently watching for the top to loose it's shine......then you go to flip it over for that last few seconds....then*#!!!!!!##~~*!(that isn't profanity, it is confusion and rage) someone has been cooking with my crepe pan and now the center sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frustrated, I almost poured the batter down the sink. Instead, I took a deep breath and decided to just replace it with a nicer crepe pan! It is time.

I have been making crepes in that pan ever since I received a crepe cookbook for our wedding. I was excited to go out and purchase a "special" pan for crepes. DH loves ham crepes, so almost every Sunday he gets them. This morning he got them with holes in the center. No mater if I lightly oiled the pan each time, the center stuck. Naturally, he didn't notice.
Ok, I'm over it, just had to vent.
I'm off to finish the three small projects and head to mom's. The sun is shining and it is a bit cool. Perfect gardening and yard work weather. I wish you all bird song and sunshine today.


  1. Hi there. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. It's cool, grey, rainy and windy here in the UK (so what's new?) but the birds are singing and all the weeds in my garden are flourishing, so I shouldn't moan too much. I am about to stir myself out of my usual Sunday torpor and get bavk to CQ. Your energy and beautiful work continue to inspire me.

  2. Now Pat you really didn't think he would notice the holes in the middle.....ahahahahaha....thank you for the laugh. Now a perfect excuse to buy a new one!


  3. your blog is very nice..

  4. Creative people can't stand things to go wrong with cooking..LOL It's art, right? If it doesn't look delicious then it's a no show. :0) Well, that sounded good go buy a new crepe pan! then the crepe bliss can continue. :0)

    It was beautiful here today. I listened to the birds sing all afternoon while taking apart an old tied quilt.

    Talk to ya later,

    Oh and before I forget...has anyone mentioned the "comfort doll" graphic not working...I finally removed mine because after 3 days it still displayed some message from photobucket..?? I want to put it back..just checking to see if the hosting if ok now..

  5. I had to laugh about your pan, sorry. A hamburger cooked in my crepe pan that my grandmother used, my mother used and now I use nearly ended in divorce! (okay, I'm exaggerating a little) Some things are simply not to be sullied by anything else but their intended items!
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  6. Vent~Girl~Vent~
    It does help. Now all is well and you can go on.
    I too am heading out into the garden to do a little weeding.
    We are having glorious weather here in my neck of the woods.

    Tuesday Blessings,

  7. I hate to admit this but the frozen biscuits stuck to the toaster oven tray this morning and I had the same reaction. I can't imagine going to all that trouble and not getting more than a little frustrated!

  8. I bet they still tasted yummy :)

    Well I have to say, while waiting for your blog to load I suddenly heard this ethereal music coming from downstairs. It was really weird because we have nothing with that type of music ! I was looking all around me, hearing it get louder, when I soon realised it was YOUR music lol !
    Our new computer speakers really do give great 'surround' sound lol !

    So, your lovely wee birdy charm came today woohoo ! It is so much more lovely in person, I can't wait to create something where I can show it off :) Thank-you so much Pat for this wonderful treasure, and I'll be blogging about it and other charms today. Keep yer eyeball out for it xo♥


  9. I soo understand!
    you don't want to know how many omelet pans I have gone through over the years because people will use forks to stir and flip!
    It's enugh to make you want to cry! except that I get a better pan each time!)

  10. Just one more of the frustrating moments in art or cooking. I know how you feel. My waffle iron went out long ago. Couldn't stand lifting the lid and having one part stick on the bottom and the other stick to the top,(ripping it in half) no matter how much I oiled it too. Run right out and get yourself a new one, save the frustration for another time. :)


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