Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun in Chicago!

You can't top a day spent with a friend buying fabric in the windy city can you? We had the perfect weather to journey to Chicago, sunny, warm with a slight cool breeze just right for a sweater. Traffic was not bad at all and we arrived in tact. :-)
Here is my favorite old "grungy" building in front of the Textile Outlet. I would love to refurbish this old gal.
This door is next to the warehouse and it looked too neat to pass up. Black chipping paint, and the detail above and around it was very pretty. If you've ever been to Chicago you know that every old building is different and so is the detail. You can have 100 buildings in a row, and each of them would have different masonry details.
I had to snap a pic of the embroidered sheers. They hang behind the cutting tables to tease you. They start at $79 per yard however, they are worth it. All hand beaded with sequins. We spent a few hours which only seemed like 30 minutes, and of course we still didn't see everything. I did discover two rooms I hadn't seen before. It is a huge two story warehouse with basement.....three levels of Bliss!

In front of the cutting table you will find lace appliques, crystals, gorgeous glass buttons, rhinestone trims of all sizes, and many small goodies.The gentleman seated is the owner. He is really nice...he called me young lady :-) LOL. If he only knew right?

Sis getting her special finds cut.
We drove a few blocks down the street and found a Mexican restaurant, as we were in the area called,"Little Mexico". The food was good, but large portions and I had to get a doggie bag. Here we are posing for a picture in front of the beautifully painted restaurant to remember this fun adventure. I wish I would have taken more pics of the building and murals.Yes, my hair is pulled back so I had no distractions from fabric searching!!!! A must when you go to the warehouse. Also, wear old clothes and comfy shoes. I learned that after the first trip.

As we walked to the car I had looked up to find these beautiful towers. Every where you look in Chicago has beautiful architecture to enjoy.
On the way home I took a pic of Lake MI which looked so calm and blue today. I must get a beach walk in this week!

When I returned home I found these pretty charms from a very special lady named Amber Dawn.The key with the watering can and trowel charm reflects another of my passions. I won these prizes on International Charm Day which Amber started this year. Many people enjoyed making, sharing and swapping charms. Next year this event will grow for sure. Thank you so much Amber!!! (hugs)

Then a few hours later I checked my email and found this delightful message. I didn't think the day could get any better. It inspires me to share even more when I receive letters like this one.

Hi Pat,
I recently received the items I bought from Stampington, which were 2 of your crazy patch purses from the Haute Handbag issue, and thought you might enjoy hearing the story of how you inspired me.
I have been doing mixed media collage and art journaling for the last couple years. I was at an art fest and met a woman who was published in the last Haute Handbag issue, so I decided to buy it. As I was flipping through, I was BLOWN AWAY by your bags with the crazy patch!
I thought they were so amazing, that I took the magazine to my local quilt shop and said "I want to make that!" So, with alot of help from the very patient ladies at the quilt store, I have already made two small crazy patch items, and I've learned to do silk ribbon embroidery. I am thrilled to have found a new obsession!
Then a few weeks ago, Stampington put your items up for sale, and I new I had to have them, since they were the impetus for all this. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet and Miss Muffet are now hanging in my studio, and I have been studying them closely! haha....
I want to thank you for displaying your incredibly beautiful work for the rest of us to enjoy and take inspiration from!
Kathy Y
(If you read my blog, Thank you Kathy!)


  1. Pat,

    Oh my, be still my heart...the fabric finery shop is over the top!! The sequined fabric and all the buttons..Can I come live with you for a while? LOL

    The old building is so enchanting..how fun it would be to own and restore her.

    I too find your work so very inspiring..your book is on the way to being mine. :0) Your creativity is totally amazing...

    Thanks for sharing your adventure..
    I enjoyed it.


  2. Sounds like a fun day out! How far are you from Chicago?

  3. Chicago looks so enticing with your architectural photos...and I think it's your music that I'm listening to as I read your blog..but I feel quite emotional...so pleased that the purchaser of your purses emailed you with her story...art is such a wonderful connector isn't it...

  4. Looks like you and sis had a great day together. The fabric warehouse looks fun and Mexican food...yummmm!

    You just never know how much your art touches others until you get an email like that!


  5. You must be so pleased to hear how you've inspired someone. That is just so wonderful! It is very nice she took the time to tell you.

    I looked up that fabric warehouse and have a map. I plan to get over there this summer. Thanks!

  6. Pat...the letter from your fan...this is what it's all about, isn't it. Talent must be shared and it must be used to inspire! You do this so well, friend!
    Your trip to Chicago...oh my! What a TREAT!
    What are your "Stampington" things about? Did I miss something? Email me! Please. I do have the issue with your mermaid's tears! :-)
    Have fun beach combing!

  7. Oh Pat that first building, one could just wonder what all has gone on in there over the years. I love old buildings. Your trip to the fabric store has me green with envy. And what wonderful charms you recv'd. Sounds like a perfect day. You made my day yesterday...drop over to my blog and see my post!!!!! I must add that my camera and I are at odds with each other as of late, so I apologize ahead of time. Sharon

  8. PS that letter was really wonderful. You must feel especially good about it. Sharon

  9. what a wonderful testimony on your art and talent. It is well deserved. Want to know more about that shop!

  10. Your adventure in Chicago brings back such memories of a wonderful warehousein Boston. I used to sepend ours in there- it was located in the small but wonderful Garment District- in CHina town. the fabric stores are now long gone- SIGH!!! Love your architectural shots .

    How wonderful fro Akthy to send you that marvelous letter!! You are such an inspiration to so many!! Well done by both of you!!
    Big hugs to you, you talented and generous "Young Lady" (You are you know!!!)

  11. Thank you for sharing. Oh how I wished I lived closer!


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