Friday, May 15, 2009

Crazy weather

Yesterday was beautiful. I picked mom up to take a beach walk. It is always cooler and windy along the lake, but we had a nice walk and found some treasures. Yes, "dad" was there!!!! I found two pieces of blue glass, one smooth and the other newer, but I took them both.

Mom found some nice pieces too. She found a nice brown one with writing on it.

Afterward we had lunch in town since both of us needed to buy milk :-) When I returned home I walked around the garden and pulled a few weeds. It is amazing how quickly weeds appear overnight isn't it?

This morning Laney came by and we ran a few errands since it was supposed to be rainy. We went to Barnes and Noble but didn't find anything new so we stopped at Michael's. As we stepped through the door a man that DH used to work with at US Steel handed me two family coupons for 25% off our entire purchases including sale items. You know I couldn't let that be wasted, so I gathered a few goodies.

Now I am about to start on a few small projects after I update the garden blog and the Pieces of Friendship swap blog. New pieces just arrived.


  1. Love those mermaid tears. I used to live right on lake Michigan on Chicagos' north shore and collected them myself. Oh sweet memories. I miss the big lake. we only have rivers in Iowa so now I collect rocks.

  2. Thanks for the virtual beach walk, Pat. I love Lake Michigan almost as much as the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound. Happy Gardening! It's still really wet in our yard.

  3. Hi Pat

    I think it is wonderful that you and your Mom are so close that you can enjoy these walks and garden teas in the summer.
    You are a good daughter and I am lucky that I have a wonderful one too. With 3 young boys we don't get all that much time together as she is constantly on the run but when we do we sure enjoy ourselves.

    May you and your Mom have many more years together. I kid my daughter that by the time her boys grow up I will be too old to gad about - hopefully that will not happen.



  4. Oh...those photos of the beach are so lovely. My mama lives far away, and I miss her so much! Your mom looks like she is really good at finding the sea glass too!
    Enjoy your gardening. oooxxx Zinnia

  5. I LOVE YOUR BEACH GLASS! So special to find that isn' it? Makes you just smile. And... heads up about the crepes. Some days the bug & some days the windshield. Just smile. Have a great week.


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