Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crazy day but finished a project

This day started out with plans to visit my friend Jill but as life often dictates, my plans were changed however I used the wasted time to finish a project. Yeah!!

I made my "sis" Brenda an eyeglass case. She wanted darker colors to keep in her purse, and I didn't want to do my usual black so......I brought out some fabrics I have been wanting to use together and I think this is my favorite case so far. I love the rich intense colors playing off each other. I hope Brenda likes it too.I like it so much that I am planning to make a purse for myself after I get a few projects wrapped up. I even bought a piece of the blue dupioni yesterday before I knew it would be used in a purse. Now to finish a small coin purse and some gifties for friends.Then, let garden stitching time begin! Jill, next week..for sure! :-)


  1. Lovely embroidery Pat.Love the colours.

  2. Stunning Pat! The colors are wonderful..I love brights against black!

  3. That is so beautiful, Pat! I absolutely LOVE your work! One day I am going to have to visit your shop and get me something!

  4. I am sure that Brenda will FLIP when she sees this case!! It is so rich and I love the deep jewel tones all together!! i must come up with some new adjectives- I am getting tired of the old ones but they will ahve to do!! SImply STUNNING, PAT!!!!
    Yes you must make someting for yourself!!

  5. Pat...this is just beautiful!

    I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits this morning...hope you have been doing well :)


  6. Hi Pat,
    I always love your color combos. This is another fantastic work, a real eye-candy.
    I wish I could have a sister like you:))
    Much Love,

  7. Beautiful eye glass case...sis will love it...the color combo is gorgeous too!

  8. Wow I learn so much just by looking at your stitching!
    I love the eyeglass case that you made here!

    Pat, thank you so very much for the BEAUTIFUL charm and *ribbon!*

    The nest looked perfect, laying beneath the bird, that was printed on the card, when I took it out from the envelope.

    This was such a nice surprise!

    I would like to know if you have any of the tiny flowers that you sold me last year, left in your for sale stash?
    I would like to buy some from you if you can post some to Etsy.
    I only want the brighter colors, not the really dark red ones.
    If you let me know what colors you have, I can tell you what I can use.
    They look so cute on my fabric charms!!!
    So I have to get more!

    Thank you again!

  9. Absolutely beautiful as usual Pat:) Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow, Pat, very nice!

  11. Very pretty! Your work is always gorgeous. :)

  12. Oh my that is stunning ! You really have a way with the thread and colors, just perfect :)

  13. Pat, your work is beautiful. I so missed reading many wonderful blogs over the last several months.


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