Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Crazy busy days...several posts starting at beginning

It has been non stop crazy busy since Friday! Class went great. The gals learned basic embroidery stitches and we were so busy I forgot to snap pictures. I will get pics of everyone and their boxes on Saturday. I know some won't be finished, because being new at embroidery and where to place what can be challenging and I know they want a box to enjoy, not resent. So, I bribed them with a prize drawing next Saturday. I told them if they finish embellishing, their name goes in a drawing and they will have a chance to win a CQ prize. Little do they know,but everyone will be a winner. They worked so hard and had so much to absorb in three little sessions. Surprise gifts just makes the world more pleasant don't you think? It will be fun. I just have to whip up four more gifties and I will be set.

On Sunday we moved our son home until he decides what his next step will be. Finding a job is top priority. It is good to have him home, perhaps I can fatten him up a bit? LOL

His moving home prompted me to clean out the studio closet which has been something I avoided at all costs for a few years now. I had to make room for a chest he no longer wanted in his closet, and I needed the storage . Therefore...the studio organization began.

What an ordeal! I was never so exhausted in my life. Two days of tossing, organizing and donating clutter. I was embarrassed for myself to see what all I had hoarded. It feels so good to have it all under control.
My reward for cleaning the closet, aside from more storage space, I found my little rubber doll with bird that I found in Bell Creek, West Virginia many years ago. The creek that mom played in as a girl. Isn't she sweet? She is clean, but the stains remain from living in a creek bed for who knows how many years. She now lives on a shelf in the studio, dry,warm , loved, and safe.

A sweet new friend I recently met online , Elizabeth, sent me the info on the origin of the Primrose she shipped to me last week. She tossed in some Wampum too. I put the info in my garden journal. It is a special thing to own, and was written in the woman's own handwriting, which I will pass on to a gardener in my family one day. Thank you Elizabeth, you are so sweet.The other day I picked up the magazine, Where Women Create, and loved reading the article on Marie's studio several times.

Speaking of surprise gifts, my friend Karen Hurd from CA included some gorgeous dragonfly charms and buttons in her puzzle pieces and then the next day (yesterday)I received little puzzle charms from her. She wrapped everything in a beautiful fabric and tied it with pretty green print wired ribbon which will become leaves. Waste not....want not!
Thank you for my surprise Karen. You know these will make my future personal projects! :-)

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  1. Dear Pat!
    I love your little Bird Girl Doll- what an amazing story and to think that you now have her!!!!
    Glad that you are pleased with the history of the Pass Along Primrose- I am glad that my Mom remembered that she had it as I had forgotten!!
    I wisht aht I could organize and clean out as quickly as you!! I ned to focus!!!!


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