Wednesday, May 06, 2009

busy days cont................

Yesterday was like living a dream. It happened so quickly yet was packed full of wonderful happenings. Almost unreal to tell the truth. It all started with a trip to get mulch and a few groceries. As I was making my way into the store I overheard a discussion about the monthly flea market at the expo only two miles away. The one I attended last month and enjoyed so much. Well, I turned around and headed South! A few minutes is all it took and there I was facing a basket filled with vintage laces with a $1.00 price tag. The dream begins...............The vendor was interested in what I would do with the laces and I gave her my web address. She wants a quilt of some sort made from her vintage hankies and laces. I came away with delicate beauties and a happy heart.

Next I stopped at a booth selling beautiful painted gourds and there sat one of my CQ students, Flo. Flo was helping her friend tend her booth and showed me the smallest gourd necklaces made into bird houses. Knowing I didn't have tons of cash on hand because I didn't know I would end up at a flea market, I decided to wait to purchase one. I do need to get one because they are so cute. Luckily, the creator lives in the next town, and Flo will help me obtain one. Flo had her CQ project with her to work on which made me smile to know she was really interested in her work.

I then came across a booth filled with vintage men's stuff. This is whee I discovered these little watch part bottles. I have been so tempted to buy some of these on etsy and ebay, but held off because the prices seemed too high for what I wanted them for. I love containers of all shapes and sizes, don't quite know why, just do. I had to find the vendor to get a price and as he was giving me the history of them I ust knew they would be way more than I would pay. I told him I wanted to alter one for a necklace and he offered to sell them all to me for 25 cents each. What? Yes! Score! I love them.

Next I meandered over to an elderly woman's booth filled with fabrics. I chose a fabric and at her checkout there was a bin of yarn/thread spools. We talked about fabrics, crazy quilting, and I told her the spools would make nice holders for my trims however I would need them all. At $2 eah, I couldn't buy all 50 of them. She asked if I would buy them all for $20.00. They came home with me. :-) I can't wait to put the trims on them which fits nicely in this large basket I found in the closet.

Next stop, vintage postcards. Had to have these. I would love to have been alive back then and receive such a card.

Now comes a story of Marjorie stated. I happened upon a booth with beautiful pricey items. Well worth the money. This little armless bisque orphan doll caught my attention. I has just found a plastic armless doll, and wondered why I am attracted to these pitiful creatures. I asked the price and the woman said she was waiting for someone to take her into their heart and give her a home, so 25 cents was the asking price. I couldn't believe it, and adopted her. The woman was really hapy to know she will be loved again. I really have no idea why I choose broken things and am more excited than if they were new or whole. I just do. You will learn more about her in a later post...hang in there please :-)

I didn't NEED any of these things, but with little money, I certainly had a super fun morning. Off to buy groceries, mulch and a few plants.


  1. I hope part of your wonderful day yesterday was coming to guild. I was so happy to meet you!


  2. What wonderful finds!!! I love those little bottles.

  3. What a great day-and beautiful finds-love the bottles--Hugs Leslie

  4. What a lucky day. Are you sure you were not dreaming.... I can't seem to locate any old lace these days.I'm coming over.... Sharon

  5. Love your new spools -- for $20.00? really? what great luck for you & an awesome find!!!

  6. What a fabulous day you had! I too LOVE lace, especially vintage laces. What a great find with the spools. I need to get out to the flea markets and find some as that is my goal to get them out of containers and onto spools. They are too beautiful not to continually enjoy. Have FUN!


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