Thursday, May 28, 2009

Away for the weekend

I thought I would let you know that it will be quiet on this end until Tuesday or Wed. I am heading to PA in the morning with my bud Laney. I'm hoping to clear my mind and boost my spirit with a road trip. I have so much going on lately, more than I blog about, so this is a needful trip.

I received a delightful phone call this afternoon from my friend Maggie of Canada. She is so sweet and her call made my day. Thanks Maggie, I really enjoyed speaking to you, and your puzzle pieces are wonderful.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm not taking my laptop, so behave and I'll catch up with you next week.


  1. Have a safe and fun road trip with your bud. Return re-energized and your soul free and renewed.

  2. Have a wonderful time, Pat. Safe travels, too.

  3. Have a good trip...I hope you relax, refresh, and revive your spirits.

  4. Hi Pat,
    This trip will rejuvanate you.
    Have a good and safe trip....

  5. Hi Pat..
    It was so nice to have a chat with you and hear your sweet voice. It made my day too.
    The road trip sounds wonderful. I do that every so often too with my gal pals.. LOL..
    Be safe and enjoy....
    BTW I love the violin music you have on your blog. Reminds me of my father who was a classical violinist. I never could figure out the string instruments so I studied classical piano fo many many years...

  6. nothing like a road trip to clear the senses and make right the RAIN..

    (behave in your absense tho, might be a bit much to ask..)


    Bee well. Have fun! Pat, let Summer spring her wild feathers around you!


  7. Hey Pat,
    Have a great trip. Don't due what Thelma and Louise did at the end thought, we want you back.
    How great that you peacked at the article in the mag on my crazy quilting. I should have thought to send you a copy. Just let me know in future and I will happily post you one.
    Smiles Larna from AUS.

  8. there's nothing like getting away to clear the head and reorganise the priorities...hope it was fun...

  9. Enjoy your time away & look forward to seeing you when you return : )


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