Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quiet day..just babble

I had a pretty quiet day. I cleaned the house and started dinner early because homemade chicken noodles taste better after they sit a while and absorb flavor. I rarely cook early, but I was so glad I did today because the electricity went off just when I turned off the stove.

It was getting chilly after a few hours so I grabbed a blanket, angell, and some hand work. I accomplished beading on a little pouch, and some small sewing projects completed.Yesterday I learned that the gal from the cigar shop no longer works there, and I don't have any way of contacting her. Therefore I am putting the little purple pouch on Artfire tomorrow. I was disappointed, but I didn't want to take the chance of dropping it off and leaving it there for someone else to take home. I put a lot of love into that pouch for a very sweet gal. I'm sure it will get a good home.

In other news, I received a phone call from Stampington & Co which is now offering an Artist's Emporium where you can purchase some of the items artists submit. You must sign up for the free Post Script newsletter to see the shoppe. My four fairy pouches are offered, and I am excited. A percentage of the sales go to four selected charities. Very cool!
I just saw the cover for the next "Where Women Create" with Marie Osmond's studio being featured. That will be fun! Gosh I love all those magazines.....where is that pot o' gold???? I did have a rich Aunt that passed away a few years ago but her DH donated her $$$$$$ to a bird sanctuary!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT? (That was meant to be funny, not disrespectful. She had a great sense of humor, and I wished I could have known her better in my adult years)

I also just discovered this place at Stampington. I had no idea this was available. Look at all of the cool projects. I want to make them all!!!! I love the hinged boxes stacked and painted white. The bird book is awesome. I bookmarked it so I would visit again soon. I don't have the time right now :-(

I just received a call from the quilt guild. They asked if I could do a demo on embroidery stitches in July. They want to make crazy quilt stockings...hey hey!!! Crazy quilting is seeping into their bones.....slowly but surely I will get to them....(evil laugh)

Well, I just wanted to check in and get my fix for the day. I hope you all have a great evening. I also hope you all got your taxes posted!!!!!


  1. What a perfect forum for your beautiful and exquisite work! Stampington & Co. sure has some lovely publications! :)

  2. Oh, Pat, please I want it!!! That sweet girl will never know what she missed. :))) Ruby

  3. Pat, the pouch is beautiful, your work is always beautiful.

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM CDT

    I can just hear you laughing. You will soon have the whole world crazy quilting. You will be known as Queen Pat. This will be a good thing. To bad about that girl not being there. If she only knew. Have a fun day! Sharon

  5. Oh that poor dear lady will never know what she missed!
    How EXCITING to click the link and see your pouches there!!!!
    Nice goin' and VERY well deserved!

  6. Pat, this is a gorgeous piece. If it is for sale, I am interested!
    Your pouches on Stampington are beautiful. You amaze me with how much you create and also publish on your blogs! Your work is just beautiful. I love the photos of your CQ.

  7. Hi Pat... I missed you for a few days as I was away on a retreat... Had fun but good to be home....
    I was never as enthusiastic about crazy patch as I am since I met you!! You are truly the QUEEN of INSPIRATION...... I mean it! and BTW I am so enjoying your book. It is so full of inspiration .
    Pat this wee pouch is lovely and I have one question as I am on the virge of trying one..... Do you leave the back plain? I am assuming you do...
    I am awaiting my issue of Haute Handbags from Joggles with your bags featured.... I will be attempting one , I have all my supplies ready to go...
    BTW I enjoyed your piece on teaching. I do my share of that and I must say the preparation is a lot of work and I worry if the class will be well received.. but once I get them started it all melds so nicely I am a softy to say yes for the next time!!!!


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