Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More progress

I finished this little purple pooch pouch. I made it for a sweet gal at a cigar shop. I stopped in a week or so ago to inquire about cigar boxes for my crazy quilt class at the end of the month. The lady was so sweet that she gave me what she had and took my name for when she gathered a few more. I thought I had enough for my class until I went to gather supplies. I had forgotten I gave some away and made a few projects. The new boxes are smaller and just the right size for a covered box. I was so thankful for the help from the clerk that I wanted to repay her kindness. I ran back into the shop to ask her favorite color. It was PURPLE!!!!
My kinda gal!

I pieced these two neck pouches and will be embellishing today. I know I am working with greens and purple again but I had really wanted to use those images. I thought I would use monotone fabrics and let the embellishments do the talking.
I had to do a bit of shopping yesterday so I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped.
My brother-in-law is arriving with his two children today from CA for Easter. Katy, my niece is such a cutie pie. She reminds me so much of myself...I don't mean a cutie pie, I mean she is quiet and a little lady with an edge.;-) I haven't seen her in a few years. The last time they visited I took Katy on a shopping spree. We had so much fun. Wes, her brother is a sweet young man as well. I make sure he isn't neglected although since I am surrounded by men, having Katy to play with for a few days is a breath of fresh air which I am going to take advantage of. My brother- in- laws from IL and AZ are arriving later this week as well. Busy time!

Joe and Nicole did an excellent job raising their children. I can't imagine that would be too easy living in California with so much going on. So, I will embellish for a while and then I must make something for Katy and something for her to take to her mom. I wish Nicole could have came with them however she recently became a nurse and landed a job which she can't take time off. Bummer! Ok...enough computer time...see you later.


  1. I love your purple pup pouch! (that's a mouthful, sy it three times.....) You know I love your work but this one is so sweet. Have a fun Easter. We are going to Hope Island Inn for their fabulous brunch and watch the sea lions. I will try to take pictures of this fabulous old Inn and post next week. That's if I don't forget my camera. LOL Sharon

  2. Oh! Pat, you made the dachsie pouch for ME! Did you forget? LOL :))

    No, really! Just love it. I'll have to try one. I'll just use photos of my own dachsies for that one.

    Happy Easter, Ruby

  3. Pat, this pouch with the doggies is beautiful. The dog image in the center is adorable.

  4. Sounds like you have a fun filled Easter ahead. Your pouches are beautiful. The gal at the cigar place will be extatic to receive your gift.
    Have a blessed rest of the week!


  5. So darling!!! Love that pouch!

  6. Beautiful work, as always! :)

  7. Beautiful work--You must sew 24 hrs a day. I need to borrow some of you energy!! Hugs Leslie

  8. Well heck, if I had known you were going to make such a beautiful thank you gift, I would have shipped you the boxes I have!!

  9. Your purple pooch pouch is awesomely cool. Let us know what the "sweet gal" at the cigar shop's reaction is to it.


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