Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hob Lob finds

I forgot to share the neat things I found at Hobby Lobby. I love dress forms, and this one serves as a display for the fun necklaces I receive and make. They come in several sizes and three colors. These hands are on sale this week....50% off. RUN...don't walk!!!
I am going back for the shortest one to hold business cards.

I found these tags in a large assortment bag. I thought they would be sweet on display in my studio. My pal Laney gave me the shoe holder. Yesterday I had such a nice lunch with Marlene. She shared the felted pieces she was working on. I wish I had taken my camera. They were excellent. The best I've seen actually. She even felted a raccoon in a tree which she made from fabrics. It was a show piece. It looked so real.
She wanted to put a dragonfly on one of her feted pieces so I showed her three of my favorite methods.
It was very pleasant, and the salad I had was so good however I was talking so much, I had to get it wrapped to go,LOL. I have never had craisins in a salad before, but that is a great way to sneak them in.
I am off to put the eyelets in the tags and fiddle a bit with them. The more I studied them, the more I liked them plain. Home is the theme, so I guess it should be the focal point. I'll know when the eyelets go in if something else should be added.
After that I plan on stitching a bit on some lampshade for my sis, and by then I should have visitors arriving. Busy day ahead...better get going!


  1. Your Hobby Lobby finds are great! I am beginning to wish they had one around here!
    Your lunch with your friend sounds great. Does she have a blog? It sure would be nice to see what you're talking about! That felted racoon sounds neat.

  2. Pat, You sure find the neatest stuff. It's probably good that we don't have any Hobby Lobby in the Philly area. LOL But, I do enjoy seeing the cool things you find and how you re-purpose them. Jeannette

  3. Sadly we don't have a Hobby Lobby here either. Craisins are great almost anywhere you'd add raisins. Try them in a salad with candied walnuts...yum! I also add them to my orange biscotti recipe.
    Can you tell I love them?


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