Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!
I found this little guy filling up on dandelion pollen this morning.
I have been busy coordinating crazy quilt kits. If there would ever be a job for putting kits together, I would apply for it. I love to put together fabric kits. Selecting all the goodies is so much fun I could do it all day. Well I guess I kind of did do it all afternoon. Time flies when you're having fun.

This morning I ran some errands and stopped at the bead shop in Valpo but discovered it has new hours and doesn't open until noon. :-( I went home instead. I planted some tall grass and a Rose of Sharon tree for Earth Day.

I stuffed class folders until bed time last night and hope to finish filling the kits tonight. I want to make a couple fun mini element kits to toss in.

I didn't mean to leave you high and dry gals. I know many of you enjoy sharing stash pics, and I enjoy seeing them and sharing too but I haven't had time for pics until today. So, here are my favorite Quilt Fest finds.
This is the beautiful book filled with great stitching projects. I think it is a must have! Two of the pages I must try.

The 4 new colors of Silk Dupioni Vogue sold them for $4 per 1/2 yard........ ......and some inks for lace painting.
The past two weeks I received some pretty treats in the mail. I am playing catch up, so here goes.........

Apparently I had won a prize on my friend Lilla's blog. This beautiful tag arrived with all the "Lilla" beauty. Thanks so much Lilla, I love it!
Also, this sweet journal featuring one of my favorite images arrived from a kind lady and new friend who found my website and ordered my book. She lives in MI and I was surprised to find such a generous gift in my mail. Thank you Jan O. You are so thoughtful and generous! I will use this immediately!

Another kind and generous woman I met on Etsy/Artfire surprised me with gorgeous French and Hannah silk ribbons. Thank you Jeannette. These are so beautiful and I wil enjy working with them very soon. :-)
I finished up another neck purse and the Bohemian purse bit haven't taken photos yet so I will be sharing those pics soon. Alright, I have to cut base fabric and do a few things to add to the class kits, so I am outta here.

~~~~~ If you don't hear from me, I am having internet problems. I keep getting disconnected. I may be looking for another server if this continues. It has been going on for a month. Argh!
Go plant something :-)
Smiles and sunshine!!!!

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  1. Evertime i stop by , I learn something new from you!! i had never thought to color laces witht he markers and versa craft inks!! How very clever of you!! I am dividing primroses today!!
    Happy earth Day to you too!!


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