Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great class garden rambling

I am blessed with another wonderful group of ladies in class. It was a beautiful day and everyone was ready to learn CQ. The rain held off until late afternoon which I was hoping for. I had a few surprises. A sweet lady who took my Inner Child doll class was signed up, and my sis was there too. Also my friend Jilly bean signed up incognito. I thought she was in California with her daughter, and here she walks in and my jaw dropped. It was so good to see her. We have all been so busy, but we have to slow down and get together. Seeing familiar faces put me at ease. When I met the students, I could tell we would have fun together. I am looking forward to next week when the magic begins.

You all know me well enough to know that those Gesso covered boxes were much too plain to hand out. Before leaving for class, I grabbed some vintage ribbons I had found five years ago at an estate sale and wrapped each box and added a label. Not a wonderful presentation, but better than a plain white box. :-)

Random photos of the newest "Crazy Ladies". Jilly bean was hiding :-0
Brends aka SIS took some photos of the teacher.

The kits worked out very well and I think everyone was pleased. Everyone did a great job and the blocks looked very nice. I can't wait until they see them transform into beautiful creations after embellishing. Everyone left with their block pieced. Homework was to decorate the interior and sides of the boxes to match their block. Homework on the first day...I always hated that!!!
Next week it will be all about stitching.

In a few minutes I am going to transplant a few things in the garden while the ground is wet and then we are off to mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday. My Forget-me-nots bloomed yesterday :-) I love the splash of blue and when I saw them I thought of Cindy, my gardener friend who gave them to me. My garden is filled with flowers from friends and when they bloom, it is a pleasant reminder of the giver. Yesterday I received a flower in the mail from a sweet new friend,Elizabeth. My friendship garden has many fond memories such as the Turtlehead plant from Rose in remembrance of my father, the roadside phlox I dug with mom in the rain on the side of the road, several beautiful plants from Cindy, fern from mom's friend Julia who has since passed away but had such a green thumb, my grandmother's seven sisters roses and giant blue hostas,bearded Iris from Lynda down the road, Daylillies from my mother in law, Cannas from Ken,Sweet Annie from Debbie who moved to Georgia a few years ago, a variegated iris from a lady at a yard sale, the list goes on and on as do the memories.
I must beat the rain, so off I go. Have a great day, and if possible...get your hands dirty!


  1. Your class sounds wonderful and blessed to have your special people attending.
    Love the boxes. Your presentations are always just perfect.
    Your garden sounds as if it reflects your life. Lives you touch growing & blooming...

  2. What lucky ladies to be able to take a class on CQ from you!

  3. Hi Pat, Your class looks like so much fun. The last picture on this it a birdhouse? It is enchanting. I am sure your garden is beautiful. Sharon PS thanks for the card!

  4. Looks like so much fun-I bet you all had a good time--Hugs Leslie

  5. Trust Pat to jazz up a plain ol' box! I think they look way cool.

    Glad you have a great sure it'll be fun.

    I did ... I did play in the dirt today ... trimmed back all the winter kill yesterday ... just before a huge storm rolled in ... and today with it all soggy it was easy to get the weeds out ... and I transplanted some Fragrant Violets that seeded themselves out in the back field ... it seemed there were more out there than in my beds ... and likewise for the Forget-me-nots ... which are not quite in bloom yet (I'm jealous) but maybe in a week or so.

    Also picked some dandelion greens and made a salad for dinner!
    A fine spring day ... all in all!

  6. How wonderful to ahve friedns surprise you as students!! that must ahve really helped with any butterflies!! See You CAN DO THIS!!!! as long as you enjoy doing it- That is the key, I think!!
    The boxes kits and all that you presented your students with were wonderful, lucky students!!! It will be great fun t see what next Saturday brings!!
    Your friendship garden sounds amazing. Hopefully we will stay in one place long enough for me to generate a similar collection. I am not past digging up and transporting plants with us when we move!! I brought many bearded iris along when we left Oklahoma and I transplanted a rose that I had started from a clipping that I got from an abandoned homested- no way I was leaving that behind!!!
    My iris have set buds ad are begining to show color!! WHo Hooo!!
    Have fun in the garden dear girl!!


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