Monday, April 20, 2009

Gardening and 2009 Spring Quilt Fetsival

It was beautiful Saturday so we packed the bike with wter, sunscreen and sweatsirts just in case, and took off early for a long bike ride. It was such a scenic trip traveling back roads through the country seeing people working in their yards and flowering trees starting to bloom. The fresh smell of grass and earth made me want to start digging, which is exactly what I did after returning home.
DH bought home some white blooming trees( no tag), Hostas, and Daylilies but I had no idea where to squeeze them in, so I simply expanded my garden. I took over a sunny area behind my current garden which is bordered by huge American Arborvitae (great privacy and fast growers)

I was thrilled to be digging. I love my soil!!!! Sounds crazy, but if you are a gardener, you can understand how wonderful it is to have rich dark sandy soil after only having clay at our first home. Everything grows so well here and I know I am very fortunate for my rich soil. One reason I just had to put the field to good use by turning it into my current garden.
After planting everything , I watered everything well and walked through the garden before I turned in for the evening. What a great feeling to spend the entire day outside. Welcome Spring!!

Yesterday I attened the International Spring Quilt Festival in IL with my pals Sue& Wendy and their friend, Lexy.It was fun although I did miss my bud Laney. We have attened every show however Laney had a death in the family and was out of town. :-(
I wasn't going to go this year, but the more I thought about it, I figured I could pick up a few new things for my CQ class next Saturday. Besides, how could I resist a road trip with Wendy and Sue??? It was a great day to spend indoors, rainy and ugly, opposite of the day before.

As with most outings like this, it is almost impossible to stay together, so we all went where our muse took us. I spotted this gal's booth and could not believe my eyes. She had made a shell book that looked like it matched my Mermaid Tale book. It was beautiful and I enjoyed talking with her. This lady makes doll books. Beautiful and unique. They share a booth together.I bought a few vintage trims and continued on my way. I thought this quilt was fun. Dyed doileys. I found a lady selling vintage French sequins and bought some unusual colors which I cannot wait to use. I also found a new book featuring stumpwork and various stitching methods which you will soon see in my work. Fun stuff!!!! Some lace, dyes, a couple of fabrics,inks,bead/sequins,and fibers made it into my bag for some fun experimenting.

This morning I dyed ribbons for class, and tomorrow I will spend making the kits. I have a full class, so I must prepare early in case I want to toss in some fun elements. I think the more intersting items you introduce to new crazy quilters helps entice them and get their minds turning. You must show them the fun you can include in each project. Otherwise it's just fabric and thread.
I am looking forward to the first sssion on Saturday. I think everyone will have a good time...including me.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful photo's. Even got to see your smiling face. I just came in from gardening and I hurt so good, you know what I mean. I thought it would never come but today in the 70's and I am loving every minute.I am so out of shape literally but will remedy that with all the digging I have ahead. Sadly lost some plants and will have to replace a lot. But that's nature.Gleefully Sharon

  2. My aunt and SIL went on Saturday, a bus trip from Kalamazoo. Next year I want to go! I will be content to go to the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee this year. Only 45 days til then. I'm glad you had a good time!

  3. Oh Pat I see you met Barbara Willis and Betts Vidal...don't you just love their dolls?
    The quilt with the dye doileys is quite different...has a vintage look from the photo.
    Feels good to get your hands dirty doesn't!
    Looks like you had a great time with friends and all!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous3:02 AM CDT

    I am impatient to know what is the new book with stumpwork.
    I have made one bead with tube for a Virgen with the mot Peace. One bead!!!
    Bravo, annne

  5. Pat,
    There must be something in the air, I have been in the garden too. Planting freesia bulbs and daphnee. Weeding and tidying up in general.
    The weather is getting cooler hear and I'm in the studio doing more work than usual.
    Love your photos, I'd love to be closer to see all the yummy things you bought.
    Smiles, Larna

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos Pat.The little Shell wonderful, and the Doll Books!!!I have an EPB pattern for fabric doll which I could adapt....Hmmm. The little doylies were gorgeous too. What a visual treat you must have had at the show.


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