Friday, April 10, 2009

Enjoying youth.....if only for a weekend.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of kidnapping my niece and spending the day with her. I love how Katy remains to be as sweet and considerate as always. Being in 9th grade , I thought perhaps she may have adapted to the "terrible teen" behavior. I was very pleased to see she was still the adorable Katy I remembered. I do wish we lived closer however I would never get anything accomplished :-)
Yesterday our day started with a trip to Hobby Lobby. Katy doesn't have a Hob Lob in CA, so this was a treat for her. We browsed each isle as Katy helped me choose a pretty napkin to make the covered toilet paper roll gift boxes with. Then we discovered transparencies so we had to play with those. I explained about the fairies in a jar that I have seen online and Katy wanted to try one, so we bought a small bottle with a class hinged lid which would be easy to work with.

After that we headed for the outlet mall because the weather was too nice for the indoor mall. It was fun to watch Katy shop. She is a tiny thing but luckily we found a few cute things in XS. There are really cute teen clothes out there which makes me wish I were that age again...well, maybe for a day.

Then Katy wanted to search for mermaid's tears! She didn't have to ask twice....we set off to Beverly Shores beach, only three miles from the outlet mall. I was secretly smiling inside to know Katy had remembered me taking her years ago. Katy said they have shells only on their beaches, no glass. The search was fruitful! We found two pocketfuls of glass. As we walked along the shore Katy said,"Isn't this peaceful?" Oh yes, she takes after her Aunt Pat!!!

After tearing our selves away from the shoreline we stopped for some subs and had lunch on the back deck in the sunshine. We ate quickly because we were anxious to create. Katy selected an image and fabrics for an eyeglass case for her mom. I worked on that as Katy browsed through my images to use for her projects. We spent a few hours lost in the studio experiencing all the bliss stash can offer.

Katy made two charm necklaces.....this one for her friend that moved away .The pink wings in the bottle reads,"Fairy of love".
This one she made for herself which reads,"Dream Big", written on a cloud. She added a musical note because she is in the band, and two charms with inspiring words. Sorry about the blurred photo.
This is my Katy excited about her new creations. Using a transparency, her found mermaid tears and a few shells, she created a mermaid in a bottle to remind her of this visit and Lake MI.

I found someone who can bounce from shopping to beach combing to creating , and keep on going....too bad she is only 15 and lives in California. :-(

I am finishing Nicole's case today and then back to the grindstone to prep for Saw Grass!


  1. What a fun day you had, and what a beautiful girl! Those are the kinds of days I have when my GD Kyleigh comes for her "special days". She enjoys doing whatever interests me

  2. I've had the same pleasure with my granddaughter these past 10 days. Her mom and step-dad Mark went on their one year anniversary to Hawaii and so we got to be parents of a very busy Freshman! She's on the Junior Varsity soccer team and they are soooo busy! I forgot what it was like to be a soccer mom. The only creative thing we did was cook and bake. Your day sounded just perfect!

  3. What a wonderful day you ahd!! the smile on her gorgeous face says it all!! She gave you several wonderful gifts didn't she??/ You really got some wonderful glass pieces and I love her creations! She is DEFINATELY your neice!!

  4. Oh Pat, these are the memory that will stay with your niece forever. I used to sew with my favorite aunt when I was a teenager. She is gone now, but the memories remain. And, hey I would have loved that day with you too. LOL

  5. What a great day- and a lovely young lady. What a wonderful day for both of you-a trip I'm sure she'll remember and cherish. Hugs--Leslie

  6. How cool to find a kindred spirit right in your own family to carry on the tradition!

    Have a Happy Easter!

  7. Your day with Katy was a treasure to you, but to her, she will NEVER ever forget! You are special Pat.
    When I visit my mother I visit Hobby Lobby at least twice going up and down each and every isle!:-)

  8. Sounds like a fun day for both of you! I love Katy's creations! Her friend will love the necklace she made for her.

  9. Very pretty Pat. Bet you niece loved it there.
    I will send you little winning gift from me this weekend.
    aloha Lilla

  10. What a great idea...I love charms specially when they are transform into a loving talisman

  11. I am not sure whats going on with blogger but this post just appeared. A lot of blogs are just now showing up. I thought you all had gone away. Oofda who knows!!!! It looks like you have been having a ball. What a lovely girl she is. Takes after her aunt! Love your projects. Sharon


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