Friday, April 03, 2009

Congrats to SUE!!!

I just have to give a shout out to my peep Sue Vrska this morning. Her neffew, Jay Cutler is the new quarterback for the Chicago Bears!!!! Go Jay! That must be exciting to have a member of your family play for the Bears. Living so close to Chicago, everyone around here root for them. Not only is that great news, but now Sue will have her sis close by. That will be wonderful for her!

You all know I am not a sports person, but it is exciting to share in my friend's excitement. It may even make me watch the games with DH!!!! After Sue phoned and DH was about to watch TV, I said oh turn on the news, I wonder if they will announce the Bears new quarterback. DH whipped his head around so quickly as if I had turned into a one eyed green alien, and asked what I just said.

Anything about any sport coming from me is like purple pigs flying, it doesn't happen. I repeated my words and added, it will be Jay Cutler. He burst out, no, Jay Cutler was playing for the Broncos. No, I calmly replied, he is now playing for the Bears. He shook his head and looked at me weird. Then I explained that he was Sue's neffew. Sorry for the long story, but you should have seen his confusion. Me talking sports, and actually knowing something he didn't. Loved it! Thanks for the heads up Sue, it was fun. Go Bears!!!!

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  1. Go Bears!! I love the Bears--Thnaks for the info--Hugs Leslie


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