Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beautiful day

Early this morning just as the sun was rising across the field, I took advantage of the natural light flooding the upstairs hall and snapped a few photos of my CQ from odd angles. These are the actual colors of my CQ. All photos I have seen make everything have a purple tint.

Mid morning I picked up mom and went to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day with just a hint of coolness.
I love dune scenes because they remind me of my teen years when I would scurry up the dunes and search out a private sandy area that was surrounded by beach grass so no one would see me. I would sip my Dr. Pepper, listen to my donut shaped AM/FM radio and sun bath for hours. I'm sure some of you owned one of those radios that you could put your arm through and wear? Mine was turquoise. I think it was by Panasonic???? Mild waves, no wind, and very few people made this an almost perfect beach day. Mom wore her heavy jacket because she's always afraid it will be much colder near the lake. I know she had to be hot, but she never took it off.
I immediately started finding mermaid's tears. As usual, I wandered much further than mom so I found her at the top of the stairs sunning herself with that hot Winter coat on. She is too funny.

I was happy on my way back to find dad was visiting us. His visits are few and far between these days but always makes my day. I also found a heart shaped rock and thought of my bud Terri T. She collects heart shaped rocks along the shore.

On my way home I saw several people mowing their lawns. Hmmmmm....I could use a breath of fresh cut grass. I only did the side yard because I still had some large branches to gather from wind storms. It was enough to satisfy though.

Then I grabbed my sewing projects and headed to the swing with Angell. I finished them just as DH drove up on his bike. It was so nice he drove it to work even though we had frost this morning. Brrrrr. He surprised me with my fav chicken tacos from Santiago's restaurant. I put the steak back in the fridge and headed upstairs to create.
Now I am headed downstairs with a few new projects to finish up. Yes, it was a beautiful day!
I hope yours was too.


  1. You made me SMILE ;)
    Gosh ~ I can't believe the nice weather you are having!
    Now about your quilt ~ it is breathtakingly beautiful. I had never seen it close up before.
    I double clicked and let my eyes just take it in.
    I am so proud of your amazing talent.

  2. Your CQ is GORGEOUS!!! WOW! I love your work. I think I say that every time I come here! It looks like your day at the beach with your mom was lovely! :)

  3. The CQ pictures are so pretty..That truly is a wonderful day you and your mom had. :0)


  4. Your work just leaves me in total awe!! It is simply breathtaking!!

    What a wonderful walk on the beach. Blue glass is my absolute favorite and i love the symbolism that you attach to it- so meaning ful!!
    hope that today is just as wonderful for you!

  5. Love your pictures. I found a colt blue beach glass this morning and said a prayer for your dad. Nice bunch of glass, you must lots more now than when I was there. Hugs Leslie

  6. Nice photos, Pat! I've only seen the Michigan sand dunes, but your photos brought back many pleasant memories of long ago days. Love your CQ, too!

  7. Pat, it sounds like you had a wonderful outing with your mother. :-)
    More mermaid's tears too! :-)
    And the CQ...amazing!

  8. What a wonderful day you spent with your mother. Great treasurers you found too.
    Pat your CQ squares are so amazingly detailed and intricate I am just mesmerized looking at them. Some day I hope to make a CQ square just because I love them so much and believe I can do it.

  9. What a lovely day you had. I love the water... seems to make the troubles just wash away. And you got so many pretty pieces of glass & stones. Love it! And you CQ is divine. I want to start working on something small. I need to dig my book back out to inspire me along with visiting you. Have a great weekend.

  10. Pat, Your work always makes me go ahhhh.....
    You have a real gift.
    Actually you have several. One other is your sweet husband. Bringing home dinner, what a sweety.
    Smiles, Larna

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