Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing...Awesome...must see

Grab a tissue because if you are like me the first time I saw this, many emotions will be expressed without control.

First I felt pity for Susan when the audience made faces and passed premature judgment. Apparently they didn't think she was pretty enough?

Then I was angry at the audience and Simon for the attitude and disrespect. Perhaps her nervousness was revealed during questioning?

Next came amazement upon hearing the first note and then I got chills......and then the tears flowed from the beauty of hearing the voice of an angel,and feeling her courage like none I've ever known.

I hope this is a message for others to stop judging a book by it's cover. It sure would make this world more pleasant to live in for us all.

Grab a tissue and watch this amazing lady. Go Susan!!!!!!


  1. Wasn't that the most amazing story? I saw the film a few days ago and have made everyone who walks into my house watch and listen. If she wasn't so courageous, the world might never had heard this gift! She's quite an inspiration, never but never give up your dream.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  2. Hi Pat,

    I saw this on the news last night. She has an amazing voice and I bet she ends up with a contract...or several...after all the publicity.

  3. How very rude and cruel we humans can be...shame on us! I hope Susan gets her dream and lives her happiest life ever! What a beautiful spirit and voice she has.

  4. P.S. Pat I tried to put your comfort doll icon on my blog but it ended up at the very bottom where no one will ever see it. How do I get it on the side?
    Thank you.

  5. What do you mean grab a tissue, heck I needed the whole box. Good for her, what a delightful lady she is. I can only wish her the very best life can offer. Sharon

  6. We heard her sing on NPR this evening as we were driving home from walking around Green Lake. She has an absolutely fantastic voice. I hope she goes far!

  7. What a brave lady. Lets hope more brave people come out of the wood work and show us their talent.
    A very moving story and a great talent.

  8. WOW, someone that I would like to meet in person. Not only can she sing, she seems to have a great sense of humor, fun person to hangout with.

  9. I agree - saw it yesterday - wasn't that wonderful! Here's to all us "old gals" and our dreams! I guess never underestimate us, eh?

  10. Thank you Pat for the amazing privelage to hear, as you say angelic voice....I'm still crying and pray that we get the blessing to hear more of Susans' singing!
    Thank you for posting!


  11. Pat I had such a chuckle when I saw this on your blog! I had watched it several times on tv ~ then jumped on the computer to find it on you tube and put a link from my blog. I payed your blog a visit first and you had already done it!
    Great minds think alike ~ hehe!
    Wasn't it just amazing ~ the whole thing. That is one of my favirote songs. I saw the play in NYC.I think I will put it on my playlist.

  12. Pat, I couldn't have shared this story any better. She is absolutely amazing and will remain the way she always has. I love that too! She has a beautiful spirit and will be an amazing attribute to the world.


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