Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wool fiber treat

Last night Wendy brought a huge bin full of red fabrics for me to select from and Sue sent me home with another box of interesting fibers to snip off what I please. I have been having fun this afternoon!
There were so many neat wools that I could hardly contain myself. I grabbed some small driftwood pieces I had collected last Summer and started winding. As I was winding the large natural wool, I could feel and smell the lanolin.I wound it loosely because it looks so pretty. I will be experimenting with felting a pin cushion or something for needles to take advantage of the natural oils to keep my pins and special needles happy.
Thanks Wendy and Sue! I just had a pleasant time "shopping". Now I must go get cleaned up for the quilt guild meeting and charge my camera battery. Tootles!

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