Friday, March 13, 2009

Surprise in mail and new project

I just noticed I have 13 followers on the Pieces of Friendship blog and 113 here and it is Friday the 13th.....
No, I am not superstitious, just something I noticed.

Today I kind of relaxed and stitched. While visiting with MIL yesterday I looked around and decided I would make a night light for her kitchen. She has a small collection of roosters, so I used an image of a boy riding a rooster. My MIL isn't one for clutter, and her colors are mainly creamy beige with touches of blue and a pinch of mauve. She is a quilter and has gorgeous quilts and wall hangings on display.Did I mention she had 6 sons? The reason I chose a boy on the rooster.There is an outlet by her breakfast bar that is never used. A perfect place for a bit of crazy quilting don't you think? I will finish this tonight and take it to her tomorrow. Then I must dye!

DH brought in the mail and this is what I found....

First I have to say that this is the coolest presentation I have seen. I think it is a decoupaged paper towel roll???? I didn't recognize the address, and when I opened it I thought it was an ornament for an Easter tree. DH said it had something inside because he doesn't understand how we (women) can exchange paper goods and be excited. I didn't want to open it because I really thought that was the gift. I mean come on, it is beautiful. Since I did hear and feel something moving inside I carefully removed a staple and opened it. What a surprise when I unwrapped a tissue pattern to find these beautiful charms for my new necklace (In the works) A piece of wampum wrapped and beaded and a china seahorse charm. I then knew it was from Elizabeth Woodford. Elizabeth made these special charms. Thank you Elizabeth! I love them. Your presentation is very pretty, unique, and green!I can't wait to add these to my necklace. The wampum is so pretty and purple! The seahorse is adorable. Great find!

I'm off to finish the night light. Then I will fondle my new charms a bit.


  1. Welcome, Pat, to my lovely lady followers. Always a joy to see an new face. I love your work and MIL little night light is a jewel.
    Our dear little Hubbys really done get it, but 'we' do. I am glad you had the little surprise package.
    Blessings, Candy
    P.S. 'dishes' came from ROSS. I don't think they are true dishes but I thought it made for a fun table.

  2. Hi Pat! Just catching up with you - busy week I see! It's always such a treat coming here to see what you've been up to.

    How cute is the paper towel holder container! What a wonderful way to recycle yet another paper something instead of throwing it away. I'm becoming more and more of a pack rat when it comes to checking out the possibilities before discarding anything. Yesterday I even cut off the decorative edges of one of those subscription cards that come in magazines because the design was so pretty. At one time I wouldn't have paid much attention to advertising materials.

    I think a night light for your mother-in-law is a sweet idea.

    Have a nice weekend. Beach combing maybe? ;-)

  3. Dear Pat!
    I am so glad that yor package arrived safe and sound and that you opened it!!! You are correct in figuring out how I mad ethe package-except that it is a TP tube- you don't even need to cut the tube down!!!!
    It was a pleasure making the charms for you- I am so glad that you are happy with them!
    Eventually, do you think our guys may catch on, or is it just not on the Y chromosome????? LOL!!!!

  4. Another beautiful night light. And the charms you got are wonderful-lucky you. Have a great day-suns out-hugs Leslie

  5. Pat, your MIL will lover her light. Your pictures you use in your cq are goregeous and always different.
    The charms are lovely as is the pkg....need to keep that one in mind too!!
    Can't wait to see your finished necklace.


  6. You're going to have one FUN necklace soon! I just stumbled onto a brooch contest and immediately thought of you and all your nifty creations. Check it out. I really think you'd win!

  7. Hi Pat,

    That night light idea is a super one...and I love the little boy on a rooster image. Where did you find that.

    A decoupaged tissue roll, what a very, very clever idea. How many times have I needed a small box and not had one. I'll have to remember this. The charms are very special.

  8. That will be a beautiful night light and perfect for the French country colors. That necklace is going to be awesome, can't wait to see. The guys will never figure out why we get excited over new ideas, that's on the part of the X that fell off to make the Y!
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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