Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Giveaway open to all

Ok, Since everyone is having a giveaway, I must have one also.
A Spring Giveaway!!!
This is open for anyone, not just my followers. You don't have to have a blog however I do need an email so I can contact you. Just email me with it or leave it on your comment to this post.

My giveaway will be a $10.00 gift certificate to anything in my etsy shop. You may use the $10.00 toward a big item or a few small items, or one item...your choice. I will be adding stuff all weekend and draw a name on April first. The postage will be free of course.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see me offer in my etsy shop. Shabby or not, just something you would like to see offered. This doesn't mean if I did offer it, I would expect you to buy it,LOL. I just want some feedback and ideas. That's all, just post the comment on this post between now and next Tuesday March 31st at midnight central time. On April first I will have DH draw a name after 3:00 and post the winner. Good luck, and thanks for playing(In advance)


  1. I would love it if you had some ribbons in your shop.


  2. Anonymous3:04 PM CDT

    Hi Pat, maybe some nice decorative ribbons. some real unique but not too pricy...thanks, Debbie (Maine)

  3. I would love to see inner child dolls that can be purchased individually or in sets of a dozen that we could buy and donate to people or organizations like you do!
    I love them and the whole project.

  4. I would love to see more CQ nightlights, a CQ wristlet bag, a comfort doll kit that I could make and send back to you to gift to someone...some of your little charms that you gave a tutorial on (or even a little kit to make them, too. Aren't you glad you asked? lol


  5. Hi Pat, How about some nightlights and some kits for making same? And like the others, I think your dyed ribbons are very special.

  6. I love your dyed ribbons, so would like to see those! Kits might be a good seller that would save you prep time - little purses, nightlights, even puzzle pieces! :-) Your stuff is all so lovely! Hugs, Cathy

  7. I would love to see night lights and perhaps some silkies, not in kits.

  8. little baggies with coordinated ribbons, threads, etc. from your stash of lovlies....

  9. Hi Pat,

    I think some of my favorite pieces are the CQ bangle bracelets that you do!!!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx

  10. Hay Pat,
    I'm very smitten with your Bliss Kits, especially one that has a ciggie with a horse. But,I guess that's no surprise. But, seriously I love everything you create.

  11. I'd love to see anything you do with the crazy quilting! Your work is amazing. I was in your neck of the woods last week and realized that I had forgotten your info to meet you. Hopefully this summer I'll get the opportunity at Chesterton's market.


  12. Your quilted items are beautiful! I would love to see crazy-quilted (padded) bags (not too big, not too small) suitable for bringing craft items around, eg. tatting.

  13. How about coordinated fiber, ribbon and bead packages without an image, that people can mix and match with individual images of their choice. Can't wait to use the gift certificate!

  14. Hi Pat,
    Your crazy quilted items and dyed ribbons with their fantastic colors are always gorgeous:))
    I love to use your eyeglasses case with a great pleasure:))

  15. Hi
    I love your little supply sets.. and the inner dolls or sets to make any of your projects. Just as if you are having a class.
    and receiving a kit.
    thank so much

  16. I love your silk prints and of course your silk ribbon is always the best!

  17. I love your silk ribbon, and am waiting to see your tea cozies, and maybe a mermaid nightshade cover! Your bliss kits are great too

  18. Hi Pat!
    Hmmm...I don't know what else I would like to see... everything you have is so beautiful.... I guess I would love to see some of those gorgeous bangles that you make on your Etsy shop!
    My fingers are crossed and good luck to you on my giveaway!

  19. I'd love to see more of your ribbons and some dyed lace in your store. Here's hoping I'm the lucky number.

  20. Wow, Pat...I think these ladies said it all! Ribbons, nightlight kits, kits of any kind and some of your treasured trinkets would be wonderful!


  21. Hi Pat , You know I love everything you do. But if I must choose one. More cuffs. gleefully Sharon

  22. Hi Pat, I should like to see in your shop more silk ribbons you do!

  23. I would love to see more supply sets. They are great.

  24. You have a magical way of combining fabrics. I have really been diving into some of the fabrics/ciggs/ribbon you sent to me one time ~ all cordinated. (spelling?)It let's me get started right away at creating. I think kit's or just small fabric selections that work together in 1/8 yard pieces would be great.
    I agree with Risa too ~ I know I have been meaning to make some of those inner child dolls but never seem to have everything I need ~ kits of those would probaly do good too!OHHHH ~ I know one other thing! The beautiful hand dyed butterflys, trims etc! Most of us have the dye but never do it!

  25. Hi!
    I would love to see silk ribbon, since I have only one craft store in my area (it's far away) that sells silk ribbon, and it's not nearly as beautiful as your hand-dyed. I also LOVE all your stitching, it's so beautiful! Have a great weekend, and thanks for allowing me to take part in your giveaway!

  26. Some little coin purses in your designs would be great. Thanks.

  27. some vintage pics (human or animal on fabric and laces

  28. I love your kits and the pins, also the purses but these must be terribly labor intensive. How about small coin purses or tiny bags, the younger girls like my DIL's like to use them when they go out and they don't have to carry a big purse. Thanks for such a lovely blog.

  29. Pat, I wander over here from another blog. So glad I came by. Lovely. Your book is on my wish list!
    At Etsy, I liked the bliss kits. Always need more ribbon. I hear yours is wonderful.


    Oh! Yes! Horse or dog siggies!!!

  30. Now, I don't remember if I signed up already or what??? duh.... I didn't see a comment from me, but who knows... anyway... I am wavy like crazy...

  31. I love your items, especially the kits with the ribbon and all. I guess the only thing I would like to see is some kits with photos that strictly black and white images. Although I love the tinted picks, there are times I like black & whites as well. (Perhaps combined with either a lavendar or light blue to avoid overshadowing the prints.


  32. you have awesome stuff...maybe night lights (I havent found any good affordable ones)

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  33. What about lingerie bags or husewifs (spelling?)? What you make now is awesome, how do you find time?

  34. Melusine7:58 AM CDT

    I would go along with ribbons - then I could create something myself but include something of you as part of it. That and the fact I am going to learn about silk ribbon embroidery this year.

  35. I would be interested in beautiful hand dyed ribbons different than anyone else offers.

  36. Pat,
    Your blog is so inspiring and soothing. I always love your work. Karen K

  37. Hi Pat,
    Love all your stuff, of course. Even though you told us a long time ago how to do the silkies, I'd like to see some Victorian silkies.

  38. Hi. I am new to your blog but have to say I LOVE IT!
    If there is a chance to enter me in this drawing ..please do???Pretty please?
    There are so many beautiful things that you offer, crazy quilted items would probably be my favorite, though I think that the people mentioning the ribbons are right on track Thank you soooo much for sharing here with us, you are a real inspiration!

  39. Hi Pat,
    I would love to be able to purchase little reasonable priced kits to do our own CQ etc like... fabrics/ribbons/threads/beads anything interesting.
    This is especially interesting to overseas visitors who cannot obtain the surplies that you seem to have....We need stash like a hole in the head...BUT WE NEED IT lol!
    Best wishes to you from Pam UK

  40. Anonymous6:41 PM CST

    I would love to see "Grab Bags" little stashes of fabric, ribbons, beads and buttons, etc. for purchase...maybe even a "Secret" so they are a surprise when we get; Love your site!
    Here's mine:


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