Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red purse dellivered!

This morning after Angell got her allergy shot from the vet, I phoned Joan to set up a time to visit. She happened to be free so I packed up the red purse and camera and out the door I went. Nervously driving, thinking dreadful thoughts about rejection, and her disappointment, I approached Joan's house. I was so nervous and I felt like I was about to take a test in chemistry or something I know zilch about.
I rang the doorbell and wanted to set the purse down and run, bt suddenly there was Joan with a big smile standing in front of me. She scooted me in and down into her magnificent studio.

I handed her the wrapped bag. She opened it and inhaled deeply......I exhaled....knowing by her actions the purse was a hit. Whew! She called for her husband and he enjoyed it as well. Her husband is the most supportive man when it comes to quilting and such. We sat and I answered questions as she inspected the purse again finding special things on it that she had given me. I asked for a photo for my scrapbook..... we talked some more.......she started gathering things for me, at which time I told her she overloaded me last time and I have enough stash to keep me busy well into my 100th year. This did not stop her as I realized she had a large bag of collected items already waiting by the door. What do you do about someone like that?

I viewed her beautiful quilts and on the way out she mentioned she was going to be on TV in April. I forgot which show, but I will call her tomorrow and get details. I know it will be a quilt show, possibly local.

As I left, I felt a wave of calm and drove straight to Barnes and Nobles to browse the magazines. Nothing new, so home I went. I changed into my comfy old shirt and PJ bottoms and grabbed Angell and the remote and watched HGTV like a couch potato. I sat there until DH came home from work. It was relaxing, although the whole time I fought the urge to get up and get busy on something. I would not want to do that daily. No way!

At the vet this morning I learned that Angell has a collapsed trachea, and that is what causes her to cough so often. Although not life threatening, it is sad. Her whole body contracts when she coughs and she does it all day and night. It was getting irritating for us, thinking she was demanding more attention. Now I know our little girl is feeling choked when this happens. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. Small dogs, especially older ones with a little extra weight usually get this. So, a little extra love (if possible) for Angie!

I am taking the rest of this day off and tomorrow I will be making and adding Bliss kits to my etsy shop. Then it is time to create small items for it. I guess I should be gathering things for the artfire shop too. Hmmm I must rethink this. I'm trying to free up my time, not fill it. :-)
Here I go again! Somebody stop me!

Have a great evening and a sunny tomorrow.


  1. My Dear Sweet Pat ~ One day you will see what we all see ~ your amazing talent!!!! ANYONE would be thrilled to recieve such a beautiful gift of love!
    But I also LOVE the fact that you are honest about your feelings!
    By the way ~ the purse is AMAZING!!!!

  2. Lovely purse Pat, and you did a wonderful job. Joan looks like one happy customer! Sending good thoughts for Angell... Hugs, Karrin

  3. What a wonderful day you had. Most of our fears never come to be. Rest and enjoy life, your Angell, and your hubby.
    Love seeing your creations.
    Blessings, Candy

  4. The look on Joan's face says it all!! Good for you for pushing your limits- we create such mountains for ourselves sometimes! you scaled this one in fabulous form and the piece is exquisite!!
    Bravo for you!!
    You deserved a couch potato afternoon after all of that stress!! Been there, done that , with custum made wedding dresses!!! It takes a bit of time to recover and thne find new heights to scale!!!

  5. How could she not love that purse....her smile says it all!
    hugs, noel


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