Thursday, March 05, 2009

Red isn't so scary!

Well, I decided to make the last night light red. You know my feelings on red however.... It wasn't so bad working with red. Romance and red go hand in lips..etc. So, this shade is hopefully romantic looking. The dark area that looks black is a dark red velvet. I chose a red beaded fringe which I will add tonight and share tomorrow early am or evening. Depends on if I am running late or not :-)I didn't think I would get both finished so quickly, but now I can ship them off Saturday. Wooo Hooo!

Today was warm but way too windy to spend any time outside. Mom wasn't home so I spent the day finishing small things and laundry. Tomorrow I absolutely have to go paint because I just learned the place was just rented this evening. That was fast! So tomorrow think of me in a white room...then another...and get the picture. I will never live in a house with white walls alone. Never ever ever ever.
See you soon.


  1. I LOVE red, Pat! But I'm with you on white walls and can only imagine how hard it is for you to make yourself do them!

  2. Pat!
    you did an exquisite job with RED!!!! the dark red velvet with the deep red roses that the woman is holding must be perfect!!

    See YOU CAN DO RED!!!


  3. Well done my dear. Now just wear rose colored glasses when you paint those white walls.LOL I'll be thinking of you. Sharon

  4. My most favoritest color along with purple! Hip Hip Hooray and Huzzah for stepping out of your comfort zone and finding crimson nirvana! :o)

  5. Gosh Pat,

    I have to say that at of all the ones you have made this is my favorite. The red just makes it to rich and beautiful!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  6. I love the red, especially the butterfly! ;)

  7. Pat, it's beautiful. I love red. What I find most difficult about working on it is the "mirage" it creates when you look up from a solid red area. But you did it beautifully as always!


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