Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Yesterday was one for the books. My heart was already singing from the unbelievable surprise from Amber Dawn the day before. The sun was shining bright and the air was warming. I promised mom a beach walk the next warm day we had, and this was it. Temps in the 70's!!!!!!

It seemed to have been such a long cold Winter, and we both needed this so badly. I could hardly get out of the house fast enough..Angell explored the garden when she went to potty, she had water and a snack, the candle was extinguished, bottled water and Amber Dawn treasures in purse...ok, off I go.

Mom was standing by the road,LOL. She was one anxious woman!!
Only two cars at the beach, a slight breeze, heading toward the water.... my beloved beach awaits......... Ready feet...
Look what I found....
and another...
just what I had hoped for, dad is here! My day is complete. Cobalt blue glass means dad is visiting. :-) I just found one after another.. I spotted this one..... and was approaching it when all of a sudden.... she swooped in for the kill....
Oh no you don't! Stealing is forbidden, at least that is what you taught me mom?????
Warning!(No hands were injured in this photo, stunt doubles were used)
Mermaid's tears were bountiful I must say. As we slowly drifted apart letting our muse lead us, I turned back and mom had found someone to talk to. I continued on my hunt walking as close to the water as possible taking in the energy to sustain me until our next venture. I love how my mind wanders while meandering down the shore. Thoughts of a girlfriend who phoned as I was leaving to say she is ready to start walking, thoughts of all of you who enjoy my walks on the beach, and of my friend Leslie in St.Joe hoping her ice will soon melt and anticipating her visit to join me here as we find treasures. Turning around again, I see I have left mom in the dust...or sand. Time to turn back.
Wait! Mom wants to say Hi to her niece Susie Q. Hi Sue!!! Up the stairs and off we go.We spent 3 hours exploring the beach. What a perfect morning well spent. Goodbye Beverly Shores.....soon we shall return! Found treasures this trip.I picked up a few interesting wood/bark pieces for Nellie's bird bases. I will surprise her with those soon. After we left the beach I headed toward town to pick up lunch. We had a nice peaceful lunch on mom's deck in the sun....can't top that!
I'm off to dye today. I must get that done. Until we meet again, have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks Pat, I needed that. Ah Spring may really come. You had a really big find too. Lucky girl. Sharon
    PS Teddy sends his love and licks and thank you to Ms Angell!

  2. Thanks for this post! I miss the beach at MC so much. I spent many many days walking the lake along the bus stops. I recall one summer day a friend and I walked North until there was no beach to walk on. (That was back in the 60's) We ended up in Grand Beach, too tired to walk back. Had to call home for a ride. We were so bad back then!! I miss that big lake!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your walk, Pat. It looks like a perfect day. I can almost feel it.

  4. Dear Pat! What A hauland even a cobalt one ( ilove your sign story). I guess that I am a true ocean snob- or now I MUST say ex Ocean snob- I had always thought that the rocks at a lake could ever be as smoth as those at the ocean or the driftwood as good or, or and on and on. Boy was I wrong. I guess the GREAT Lakes are definately big enough to generate big waves and surf to generate all of these wonderful treasures, just had not given it much thought!! Thank you so much for educating me!!!! It is very rare to find so much sea glass on the East coast anymore- just very occasionaly. thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day and for introducing me to your wonderful Mom- such spirit!!
    time to take the snow flakes down ??????/ Probably not quite yet!!

    Big hugs and thanks !

  5. Good Morning you lucky duck! We've had a dusting of snow the past three mornings although today it's just grey...nothing like your temps sincle last fall. You certainly have sharp eyes to find all that glass! Hope today is as good! Hugs.

  6. Oh BOY! Can't wait to sink my feet in the sand!
    So many treasures ~ so glad to see your Dad's "wink" in the bunch!

  7. ~*Pat!*~
    Your post made me smile and laugh!
    I love how you pretend to use stunt doubles as you step over your mom's hand like that.

    I cannot wait to see your garden when it is blooming!!!

  8. hi pat
    oh what a good day you had!!!
    i am itching to get to the ocean
    i enjoy it in any season
    lovely mermaids tears
    glad to know your dad was with you:)
    and that stunt doubles were used in gathering mermaids tears-vbg-
    many thanks for sharing
    enjoy your day
    tabby :)

  9. A morning on the shore is the best of all ways to spend time. There is nothing more rejuvenating and calming. Not a bad haul, either!
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  10. I'm jealous-all that beautiful beach glass-send some to Michigan--Ice gone-YEH!! Miss you--hugs Leslie


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