Saturday, March 14, 2009

Finished Rooster night light

I finished the rooster night light for my mother-in-law last night and delivered it this afternoon.I tried five different trims along the bottom but each one made it look either too Victorian or too country so I just trimmed it out in the decorative gimp. As I had mentioned, she doesn't like a lot of dangly things.
She loved it and it looked very nice by her breakfast bar. She placed a beautiful porcelain rooster near it.

After I delivered the night light I stopped to visit mom. She is a little down anxiously awaiting Spring to arrive. I think we will be able to trot off to the beach tomorrow. That would be wonderful. We both need to walk along the shore even if we don't find any treasures.

I am working on the red purse which I hope to complete this week. I really want to deliver it before 2010!!!!!
Not much else happening, I'm going to stitch a bit more and off to dream land for me.


  1. Pat I think that is my favorite of your night lights. I bet she just loves it. She is very lucky to have you as a daughter in law. I hope you have a nice walk tomorrow and I bet you find many treasures.Nighty night Sharon

  2. Your night light for your MIL is adorable. Hope the weather is warm today so you can enjoy your walk with your mom. It was nice enough outside yesterday (as long as I was in the sun) I started weeding the flower beds. More today this week though.

  3. I think this was my favorite. I love that rooster! Lovely work Pat!
    Hope you and your mother get your walk.

  4. Beautiful! I wish I had a shore close by to walk along. :-)

  5. Beautiful colors on this dear nite light Pat! I am sure that your MIL is THRILLED!! You sure work fast!!! Do you print all of your own images or do you purchase them somewhere? they are marvelous!!!
    Hope that you ahve a lovely beach walk!!

  6. Your night light is just awesome! Must be a thing with MIL's - mine collects roosters and would love this. Hmmmmmmm maybe I'll have to try making her one for her birthday. Thank you again and again for sharing.

  7. I love this night light. I guess I'm liking the gimp better than the dangles like your MIL. The browns are perfect, I think this is my favorite also.

  8. Another masterpiece Pat....
    You are the Queen of the CQ without a doubt! Here I am ogling your work and trying to absorb some of your techniques...
    I was trying to do a postcard to-night using the crazy patch idea, so I got out some lovely silk and beads and silk ribbon and tried to do some embroidery...I think .... I mean I KNOW!!! I will need some more practice....YIKES...... It is not what I wanted it to look like, However I will not be discouraged.... I hope when your book arrives I can hold it and get a feeling for this wonderful work you do.....Only time will tell. Meanwhile thank you for your inspiration;-}

  9. Gosh Pat that nightlight is beautiful! I always love to look at your work. :-)

  10. What a lovely nitelite! Your MIL is so lucky to have you for a DIL! :)


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