Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dumbfounded, black and blue

Thanks to Amber Dawn, I had red eyes and a wet sleeve last night, and currently have little black and blue marks all over my arms from pinching myself since yesterday afternoon. You see, Amber Dawn went and did something that knocked me for a loop. After cutting a friends hair, I checked the mail and found this.......
and this...
and this..
and this...
Yes, all of this!
Thank goodness my friend hadn't left the driveway yet otherwise I may have had uncontrollable convulsions as I opened the heavy envelope and peeked inside. We oooh-ed and ahhh-ed at every item. It was amazing what this girl included. Vintage and unique treasures indeed, flower beads,bugle beads, teeny sequins, very unique sequin shapes,purple ombre ribbon (oh my), Swarovsky crystals,MOP buttons, satin covered buttons, vintage applique's, various rhinestone strands,metal elements,it just goes on and on. She even tucked in small textured gold metal balls that are little bells. They have the most delicate sound.

Did I win a lottery? Did a great Aunt pass away that I didn't know of? Was this a mistake and she meant to send it to someone else? After tears shed and warm fuzzies took over, those were my questions.

Why did Amber do this? Because she is Amber Dawn, that's why. She needs no reason. Just look what she does for cancer research fund raisers. Hosting fun swaps for all to enjoy. She has no limits, she lives for the moment, she gives big, from her heart. Caring and sharing without a second thought. She is a blissful soul .

I can just imagine her packing this treasure trove. Wondering what I would do with the bird shaped sequins, or the gorgeous lot of Swarovsky crystals. Placing each wrapped goody in the envelope, giggling with excitement , knowing this assortment would take me by surprise and tingle my toes.

I know how exciting it is to "build" a surprise package for someone. All I can say is, Amber Dawn could go a few years before needing any more excitement after this stunt. You would think I had never received anything before. I have carried the large glassine envelope with me to the back porch last night as I sewed, this morning it went with me to mom's when I picked her up to go to the beach, and this afternoon on the porch swing as I stitched away on the red purse. Why? I'm not sure. Possibly because I feel the love she put into this parcel. Possibly because it hasn't sunk in yet and I'm waiting for it to disappear in a puff of smoke. Or most likely because the feeling I get just thinking about the pleasure she had putting this together while thinking of me. ME! I don't know what I did to be the recipient of such thoughtfulness and generosity. All I know is, there isn't anything that could wipe the smile off my face or cool the warmth in my heart knowing this was meant for me, from her.

Thank you falls short and sounds ridiculous, but for the moment, that is all I have. Thank you Amber Dawn, I will stop pinching myself now,(Maybe) .

I would write more, but I have to go look in the bag again :-)


  1. Amber Dawn knows she will get the pleasure of seeing the beautiful treasures you will make from this gift she has given you from her heart. Every time you use one of the bead, buttons, bells, or what every you will think of her and remember what a wonderful friend you have. Pat, that's real loving friendship, and it was all for you. Enjoy it!!!!!!!!

  2. I have to second Pat's comment...Amber Dawn will I'm sure be thrilled to see what you create with all these goodies ... if you give ... they will create!

    You are too modest dear Pat about your talent ... others see it very obviously ... this share is (I'm sure) meant to inspire you ... and no doubt it will! You go girl!

  3. PAT!!!
    When I first started reading your post I was so worried that you had fallen and hurt yourself! Thank goodness NOT!
    No wonder you were excited to receive such a parcel of treasures... Amber Rose knew what she was doing...... you will know exactly the perfect place to use all there lovely things....
    No wonder you have spent time looking and fondling all these little beauties.....
    Every time you use a piece you will feel another special moment with Amber Rose.... Bless you..

  4. I couldn't agree more with all the previous comments, Pat. Of all people, you will certainly know what to do with each and every wonderful item Amber put into that package -- and I bet she can't wait to see what you do with all of it, too!

    Kathy V in NM

  5. I'd say yes, you sure did win the lottery! Have fun using all those things on your gorgeous works of art!

  6. what a wonderful gift! I think I'm envious - which sounds so much nice than jealous. LOL! Oh what fun you'll have planning what to do and you'll always remember getting them as you look at what you've made.

  7. Yipeee! That kind giving heart of yours get's a taste of her own medicine!!!!

  8. I hope you are not really black and blue?!

    You are right Pat, I did wonder what you might make with the birds when I was putting them in the bag!

    Thank you SO much for all the generous love you share with others.

    You are a blessing.

  9. Pat, bless and be blessed and I would say you got the mother load of blessings...LOL!
    You will have so much fun creating with these lovely treasures!
    Amber Dawn sure knows what you like!


  10. Pat, I agree with you, Amber Dawn is a loving, caring, special person. I am sure she has derived so much please from sharing with you!

  11. What a fabulous surprise-I'm sure you were floored-you have great friends--Leslie


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