Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Quilt speaker at Guild last night

What an enjoyable evening. Although I could hardly keep my eyes open at 9:00 after being up since 3 am, I really enjoyed what I saw. Michelle Wiser is a crazy quilter in my area. I did not know she existed until last night. Well, I heard about this gal who frames her paintings in crazy quilts, however I didn't know she lived in the next town, 10 minutes away.I was flabbergasted when I was introduced to Michelle and she said she has heard of me and I have a high reputation in the CQ world. Wow! That was unexpected.
This is Michelle and one of her pieces.
Michelle has an incredible collection of fabrics. Many from museum collections. She is interested in their history, age,and origin. This adds a lot to her work as you will see. I wish I could work like her by using whatever fabric I pick up. You know me, "matchy-matchy". My eye has to coordinate, to flow gently with no BUMPS in the road. Michelle used bright geometric with soft pastels, dark colors with vivid in her work. I would be trying to make fabrics play nice together,LOL. What can I say? It works for her.
This is her first CQ.
The following photos are her paintings framed in CQ.
The old barns~
Old house~
My favorite one~ I wish you could have seen her slides. Beautiful watercolors surrounded by CQ.

This is a huge quilt she is currently working on.All of the photos are from one quilt. You can see how she incorporates all colors in her work. I noticed her interest was in fabrics whereas mine is in the embellishments. Different strokes for different folks. It was refreshing to see a CQ using all cotton threads. Her stitches were perfect and a very nice mix.
If these photos don't inspire, I don't know what will. Definitely an evening every crazy quilter would have enjoyed.

The ladies who attended my lecture asked me to bring my quilt when it returned home, so I took it last night for show and tell. I was reluctant to show mine after the beautiful quilts of Michelle's. However like all CQ, mine was a different style and they enjoyed it. I heard a lady comment that it was a "frou- frou" ladies quilt. Yes, it is.I like flowers and lace and delicate bugs flying about. It was fun watching them inspect it and shout out as they found hidden things.
Well bloglandians ,I am headed to the store to grab a roast for DH. It is snowing and I think he would enjoy coming home to a favorite meal .
I hope to get some ribbons dyed and some white ribbons cut and bundled for class at the end of the month. I must dream up a creative way to package the class supplies. One of my favorite things to do :-)
Have a great day and be creative!


  1. Dear Pat!
    What a treat to see another style of CQ. I geta much more collage-y feel from her work. She is all about highlighting the fabrics.
    Oh POO Miss FROU-FRou- she was just jealous of your glorious work!!!!!! She has probably never done any of her own CQ and loves to make "comments " about others work. Why do we alwyas feel that we have to explain to other's why we do what we do?????? I should not let comments like that or People who make comments like taht , get to me, I know. BUT if you don't have something wonderful and supportive to say, don't say anything at all!!!!!!!!!!
    I love your work because I can disappear into the middle of it and get lost in your gardens of delight!!

    have a lovely day!!

  2. Thank you for sharing the photos of Michelle's work. I was just thinking about something like this a few days ago. I like to embroider but don't always want it to be framed or hung with a plain border. This is exactly what I had in mind. As we all have our own taste, I too agree with Elizabeth. Sometimes it's the jealousy that is spoken rather than just complimenting the artist (you in this case) for her creativity.

  3. Ha, You are so funny Pat. Of course you are known and held in high regard in the CQ world! Your work is fabulous. If I found you, you must be big because I don't get around much. You have made an impression on several blogger friends I have, for sure!

    Your work is Frau Frau. THAT IS the art, is it not?

    The person who found it necessary to make the comment may not be jealous, but insecure with her own skills. Just a thought.

    Anyway, thanks for posting Michelle's work on your blog. She's great, isn't she?!?

  4. Dear Pat,
    Goodmorning! Well I think it is! I wasn't feeling too well last night so I took a gravol and went to bed.... My DH came into the bedroom this morning to check on me... I had slept over 13 hours!!!! Gravol does that to me, anyway I do feel better and viewing all the quilts from your evening last night perked me right up. What a lovely time for you. I did enjoy seeing her quilts and the idea of using them for framing was something I had not seen before. I must be a frou frou person as I preferred your
    style ;-}.......
    Thanks for sharing all these photos Pat. Did I hear you mention that 4 letter word again??!! We had a bit last night but it is gone to-day and I see the snowdrops are up.. Must go take a picture...
    Have a great day

  5. Ms. frou frou should zip it. Only nice things should be spoken. You know you are #1 in my book missy.!!!! I love the quilt you took and yes I bet there were a lot of ouws and awws! Sharon

  6. Its spitting snow but nothing serious I hope. I love your work and thanks for sharing your pictures with us, all eye candy appreicated. But your stuff especially--Hugs Leslie Kenreich

  7. Pat, the photos were lovely. I have been drawn to "art quilts". I regularly go to Bonnie McCaffery's site as well as yours. Bonnie has "vid casts"and one had a quilt show in Texas with 2,ooo quilts. What stunning work was there. Just a thought if you wanted to check out the quilts. I think quilters are right "out there" in discovering and using new techniques. Discovered our own Pam Holland (Adelaide)spends her time mostly teaching in U.S. Amazing.
    Wish I could do dainty work but I have to be me!We are all different.

  8. Hi Pat - Yes, your work is lovely and frou frou, and we like it that way, LOL! Michelle's work is nice, and each of us has our own style. Most of us just prefer YOURS. ;-) And did you notice how much her Old House piece (the picture part) resembles Allie's CQ piece of the house in Michellinda?? Now, if you compare THOSE two, Michelle's work really pales in comparison.... Love your blog, guess I'll switch my subscription from Google to Blogger.... Hugs, Cathy

  9. I have to say I love all the frou frou! And the lamp cover you made for your mom in law is awesome! I am sure she loved it!


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