Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Birds!!!!!!!!!

No, not the Thriller by Alfred Hitchcock......paper punched birds.
After a week of painting, last night I treated myself to a much needed play date with Wendy and Sue. I gathered my new Belle Armoire issue... and supplies to create the little manila flowers on page 66 by Cat Confer. Wendy had also planned to try them, so that was our project.I did make some flowers, but they haven't all been dipped yet.

They are a bit fussy, but I will try them again next week. The Utee isn't easy to control but I am sure once I get the hang of it, I will be popping them out with better results.

The little bird punch is Wendy's. It is adorable and I am so glad she brought it to share. I stamped words on card stock and punched out birds. I then used alcohol ink and water to color them. I could see them used so many ways. They would even be cute on a pretty note card......

I have a bit of clean up to do at the duplex this morning and then I am free!!!! I think I will drop by mom's for tea.
Tonight is the guild meeting and the guest speaker is a woman who crazy quilts around paintings. Her last visit was canceled due to a snow storm, so I have been anxious to meet her and view her creations. I'll ask if I can take pictures to share.

I did get these two other Inner Child dolls finished for a friend. She ordered a pink angel for a friend and when I was packing her up....the other one jumped right in with her. It was too sad to tell her she wasn't invited,nor was she an angel, so I gently whispered farewell and off they went. The one on the right does have two shoes, I wasn't paying attention when I took the photo. One shoe would really have been too sad,LOL.

I have been up since 3:00.I had a lot of creative energy left over from Sue's and I wanted to make something but didn't want to wake DH so I read the new "Where Women Create" magazine Sue loaned me. The studios are really nice, but I would like to also see one page of the artist in action...creating in a messy nest. Perhaps that would make a great magazine?? Studios in action!
Women up to their elbows in fabrics,paints,clay,ephemera, etc????????????????

I will leave you with this coupon. Hope you can use it. Have a great day!


  1. Oh, Pat, please suggest the article to "Women Who Create!" Artists with stacks of fabric that were auditioned and not chosen, papertoweling with glue and paint residue, beads, boxes of ephemera, a jar of water for cleaning brushes, a cat asleep in the middle of it all. "Reality" photos of women actually creating!

  2. I would so love to see the articles about women in action! No fair making us feel a bit inferior because we (well, I anyway) need all the supplies around me so the piece that belongs on the project jumps right out and says 'here I am'.
    Stop by my blog, there's a surprise there for you.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  3. Love those birds and your cards, those are great! And of course the inner child dolls are darling! Great work!

  4. Pat, your inner child dolls are so innocent looking....if you ever get out here to the San Diego area to teach a class please let me know I would love to take one from you...VBG!
    Those birds are neat looking...too bad you didn't punch them out of could have used them in a CQ project.


  5. Hi Pat,

    Man I'd like one of those little bird punches too! I love what you did with some of the birdies.

    CQ around paintings????!!!! This I've got to see. I'll be waiting for the pictures.


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