Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another "follower" winner....Noel!

After dyeing all day and just now getting ribbons ironed, I decided to reorganize my silk ribbons. In doing so, I came across several "shorties" (usually a yard or less in length). I usually take these to class with me for students to practice with, but I think I have enough to hold a drawing from my followers list.

The name drawn by DH was .....NOEL!!!
Congratulations Noel!! The ribbons below are yours! I may have to slip in some green ribbons as I see there aren't many green shorties. Hopefully you can use them in your projects. :-) If not, feel free to pass them on.
So, Noel, if you read this, I need your address please.


  1. Oh such beautiful luscious colors!

  2. I love the way you laid these out Pat! It looks like a landscape to me!

    YAY ~*NOEL!*~

  3. Pat, what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning....I can't believe I won all these beautiful silk ribbons.....THANK YOU!
    Looks like I'll be learning how to do some Crazy Quilting....VBG!


  4. Pat,
    I can select your dyed ribbons among thousands of the others. Your colors are always beautiful!:)


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