Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another blog?

I don't know what got in to me...Have I lost my mind. Am I addicted to stress? Am I not happy unless every minute of my time is filled? Do I have so much to say and share?

I think NOT! I actually did consider all of those questions and came to realize, I just enjoy myself and my life. There is no other explanation to my madness. I have gone and created another blog. You heard me, another blog.

Last night I was browsing and found a blogger who shared blog backgrounds for free. It was late, I was seeing double, yada yada yada....

Anyway, her backgrounds are beautiful and when I saw the simple garden one, I decided it was a sign for me to start my garden blog. I hope to connect with gardeners to exchange garden photos, grab and give ideas, etc. Just another layer of who I am. I was a gardener before a crazy quilter you know. The garden inspired my quilting. The bugs, blooms,colors,nests, all of it intertwines within my soul, feeding my imagination and muse.
This was inborn, not acquired. My mother was a nature child. It was pretty much forced upon her, being from West Virginia, coal mining, creeks, sparse funds, one parent. She and her big sis, Dorothy lived with their father for a while. He was later killed in a collapsed coal mine incident.

I still sit and listen to mom's stories of her and her sis , my Aunt Dottie, stopping to play in the creek on the way to school, sliding down green mossy rocks and getting soaked and stained so they had to skip school and run home to change before anyone knew. Several years ago mom took us to one of her creeks up in the mountains where she played. Unbelievably, I found an old rubber hollow doll which held a blue bird on one hand buried in there. Well, it wasn't buried, it was well hidden all covered in green. I could not believe my eyes. Mom couldn't either. It is packed away in my attic, and I think I need to retrieve it. I think you would enjoy seeing it, I know I would. It would make a great addition to my shabby redo. After all, she is holding a little blue bird.

So, if you are a flower gardener, or just dabble in the earth, stop by for a visit. I'll put on the tea.


  1. Your a gutsy woman Pat.....good luck with the new blog...can't wait to see all the beautiful flowers from your garden(s)!

  2. Hey Pat,

    I'm so glad you've started a garden blog! I'm an avid gardener and have lots of craft blogs to visit but not that many garden blogs.

    I can't wait to see everything you do in the dirt!

  3. Congrats on the new blog! I'm sure a garden blog from you would be gorgeous! I'll bet your garden is where you get all the fabulous inspiration for your beautiful stitching!

  4. I knew there was something about you. I was born and raised in Williamson, West Virginia. My family is still scattered throughout the mountains. I love to go home, just to rest my soul.

  5. My dad was born in Claremont, West Virginia, and his dad was a miner!. His mother died when he was 10, and my grandfather raised my father, but my dad's younger sister and brother were sent to live with relatives in PA.

  6. Oh Wonderful! I for one, am thrilled that you have started a gardening blog!! The garden is always where my art starts!!! i'll be by!


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