Sunday, March 08, 2009

100 followers...gotta have a followers giveaway!

WOW! I can't believe I have 101 people who enjoy reading my blog. Thank you all, I am so pleased that you find my ramblings of interest. You have brightened up this cloudy rainy day.I will have a drawing for the 101 followers this week. I haven't even had the chance to "meet" you and visit your blogs, but I certainly will this week.

It has been the craziest weather day. First it was overcast but nice, then a downpour, then sunshine, downpour, tornado sirens going off, sunshine, super windy,sunshine, now it is overcast-windy-raining. I didn't care much since I had to be stuck inside painting anyway. It was nice to work with DH though. He was replacing faucets while I painted. We would take turns "bothering" each other. Makes the work less boring.

Friday afternoon we took our first motorcycle ride of the year. It was in the 60's, sunny, and beautiful. I never realized how much I missed our little trips. I did notice the temperature dropping as we approached home. Good timing, all I had on was a sweat shirt. Well, jeans also of course ;-)
I made this Inner Child doll later that evening. It certainly was a "Bright, Sunshiny Day".

I'm actually glad the weather isn't beautiful every day just yet. I have a few projects inside that I must take care of before venturing outdoors. When the days are warm and the sun shines, my mind is in the clouds. I cannot concentrate indoors. Does anyone else have that problem?

My excitement grows each day as I hear birds sing and see green life burrowing through the ground in the garden. With all the rain we have been getting lately,blooms on flowers and trees should be abundant this year. I have my camera charged and ready!

Unfortunately I missed the antique show this weekend in Valpo. I usually pick up a few vintage laces and jewelry bits there. I wonder if any of my friends got to attend? I bet Sue and her hubby went. They go to auctions and fun things together which I think is so great. My friend Laney goes to gun shows with her hubby. What a gal! That would be equivalent to me attending a sporting event. I had to when dating, but now? No thank you. Sorry sports fans, I'm just not in the club. I tried to enjoy ball games..I really did.
After five minutes my eyes glaze over and I feel like I'm having a nightmare in which I can't wake up for three hours or so. No hate mail please :-)

Well, I had better get off here and figure out what the prize will be for the 101 followers drawing. Perhaps I will have time to make something tonight and tomorrow evening? Hmmmmmm.

Sweet dreams everyone.


  1. Sixty degrees and sunshine and I am in snow and freezing weather. There is something wrong with this picture. LOL I love your little sleepy girl. What are you making with her. Have a nice rest of the weekend. Sharon
    PS Glad you were safe from the tornato's. :-) Teddy sends Angell kisses.

  2. Wow, Many feel as i do reading your blog. Good to know.
    Just got home from a busy weekend working with many sick kids and injured ones at the ER. It cheered me to see you blog and sunshine inner child.
    Thank you and keep creating beautiful art and stories.

  3. As Sharon mentioned above, our WA weather has been crazy: snow and hail yesterday, more hail today...all quite unusual for us in March. I think the daffodils are on strike! The bunnies and birds look dazed. It IS good stitching weather though. ;>)

  4. Hi Pat, It sounds like you really had an enjoyable outing in the lovely spring weather..
    I heard on the news about the tornedo warnings, So glad they were just warnings.Those things are so frightening..
    Keep up with your wonderful blog writings. It is so enjooyable I feel as thought I am with you all the way....Take care,

  5. Wow, 100 followers! Congratulations! I get excited everytime I attract another. Yep, its hard to get indoor projects done when the weather brightens and warms. There is always something outside calling my name.

  6. Sounds like Texas weather. I am an outdoor gal too, and since my venture in blogland (started in Jan) it really keeps me in. But seeing the green buds of Spring it is exciting. Love your little Sweet Dream girlie.
    Happy a great week, Candy

  7. oh BOY WAS i THINKING ABOUT A MOTORCYCLE RIDE on friday too...several bikes went by the house as I was outside cleaning up the yard...our BIKE is in in the polebarn which is surrounded NOW by a "moat " of very squishy grass..*sigh* guess I will have to wait a little longer.. thanks for following my blog.. yours is AWESOME and CONGRATS ON YOUR 100TH READER MILESTONE....

  8. Pat, sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful day together. I always count it a blessing when I get to spend time with my husband...he works retail and those moments are a treasure!
    The birds are out, flowers are blooming and everything is green...Spring is my favorite time of the year.
    Congratulations on over 100 followers....tho I don't always comment, your blog is one I check evryday...I enjoy your ramblings and your art!


  9. OMGosh! I love that precious nightlight! I can't believe all the wonderful posts I have missed on your blog the past week! I've had such horrible back pain I haven't been able to sit and read blog posts, Wahhhh! Your work is so amazing to me. :)

  10. Hummm, I know where that inner child lives now! I love her, Thank you! I told hubbie before I opened her up, "I'm so excited to own a Pat Winters piece of art. I hope it's a fiber piece!". She is and smelly too!
    Thank you


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