Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toying with the idea of a blog just for Pieces of friendship swap

I would like your opinion . Should I continue to create a blog just for the puzzle swap? We could add the finished pieces and link them to your blog or website. I'm just toying with the idea for now. You can view the example here. Until I make a new header and background, the current one would be used.
I thought it might make things easier if there were a special place to go to catch up on the swap instead of having to search through all of my previous posts.
Feedback is appreciated.


  1. It sounds good to me, instead of having to scroll look for posts about this swap in your regular blog.

  2. I think it would be easier for you too. I know when I'm looking for past posts on my own blog that it can drive me crazy.

  3. Pat I think you have hit upon a good idea. This way we can all easilysee what's going on. Then it would be easier on you too.Sharon

  4. I took a look and I do like having all the posts together. Makes it easier to find answers and ideas. As long as it does not make more work for you!

  5. Thank you dear friend!!! Laurie

  6. This sounds like a good idea and the puzzle pieces would be fun. Is there still room for more persons.

  7. I vote yes for having them all together. Makes it easier for all of us as long as it doesn't mean more work for you.




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