Friday, February 27, 2009

Revised "Pieces of Friendship" puzzle swap list. New puzzles to view.

I just finished this piece today. I haven't removed the blue water erasable marker lines yet to show you that I traced around the pattern before embellishing for a guide.
I also want to repeat what I previously said about the pieces do not actually fit inside each other like and interlocking puzzle. If you revise the pattern, I'm afraid it will not fit the others received, so I am just going to be placing the ones I receive together by laying one solid tab on an open one and tac in place.
Also~~~~Laurie has her four pieces have to go check them out!!!!
LILI WON THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations!!! Thank you all for playing and keep an eye out for more surprise games!!!!
Q.What do my first three puzzle pieces have in common aside from their shape and that they are crazy quilted?

A. All three have a dragonfly charm!

June 1st deadline...still open for players.

1. Pat Winter~ Hostess and participant
2. Tina Johnson IL
3. Karrin Hurd
4. Laurie Walton
5. Micki Butler
6. Cindy
7. KV in New Mexico
8. Sharon Chapman
9. Freda Butler
10. Robin Robboy
11. Cathy K
12. Grace
13. Marjorie Holme
14. Gina of IN
15. Ira from Israel
16. Janine Franc mailed puzzle pattern
17. Amber Rutz
18. Lana Richey mailed puzzle pattern 1/29/09
19. Liz of Kansas
20Jennifer of Canada
21.Joy Brooks
22. Melusine
23.. Lynn in MN
24.Maggie R
25. Terisa
26.Kathy (&Dan)
27. Jaffy
28. Annette J
29. Kerry of Canada
30. Judy Shaw
31. Wendy Shu


  1. All 3 have a dragonfly upon them!

  2. You finished the outer edges of all three with the buttonhole stitch.



  3. Anonymous5:30 PM CST

    Pat, they all 3 have the same dragonfly charm on them..Debbie (Maine)

  4. Hi Pat

    I'm so pleased you left a message on my blog as I completely forgot about the swap. If its not too late I still like to join in.

    Annette J

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM CST

    Pat, could the answer be as simple as you used an image in each of them? Debbie (Maine)

  6. Ya gotta be quick to beat some of these folks! All three have a dragonfly charm, which is gorgeous by the way. I can't believe you already have three finished and I am still trying to decide on a technique!

  7. Hi Pat! Thank you for leaving a message on my blog. YEs, please, if I am not too late I would very much like to still be in for this swap. LOoking on your blog now for the details. Thanks again for the reminder!

  8. Melusine3:17 AM CST

    Wow - I love that pink and green piece. I really admire vintage but don't do it. It is not me.

    I am currently working out what to do on my pieces - CQ, goldwork or something else. Loved Laura's three piece CQ - so might use than and get the goldwork on it too. If I go for that, then next job will be to design on design and fabrics.

  9. What??? Still open??? Are you kidding me? COUNT ME IN!!! I want to have some fun!!!!

  10. Please count me in as a participant in the puzzle piece swap. I am #26 Kathy, on your list of participants.


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