Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rainy gray day..making my own sunshine!

We awoke to rain and heavy fog this morning. I have to admit I wasn't a bit sad because I know this means we are so close to Spring, flowers, birdsong, tea in the garden, and sunny beach walks collecting mermaid's tears with mom.Besides, it could have easily been snow!

I decided to take the day off. Many people think just because you don't have a 9 to 5 job outside the home, you get to sleep in, watch TV, eat bon bons, and clean if and when you want. Well, I'm sure there are some who can get away with that, but I am not one of them. I am not complaining however, I couldn't ask for a more comfortable happy place to spend my days. I just enjoy so many things that I tend to pack my days with too many tasks. Today I have no agenda, just go with the angell :-) Yes, those are her toys, and she knows the name of each one.

Yesterday I spent time with Laney. We browsed Michael's and found a few jewelry finding's and had lunch at Panera. We indulged in a bowl of broccoli cheese soup and scrumptious french bread. I had an iced green tea which was so refreshing. It was fun to catch up with her because she is one busy gal.

I also visited Ellen and stopped by Sue's to return her glass grinder. Sue shared some adorable grade school primers with me and I sat down last night to flip through them. They are so sweet. Here are a few of them. We are going to use them in our art. I love playing with paper,glues,inks,etc. I had forgotten there is more to life than fabrics.....although they are my first love. :-) Sue always has a paper project in the works.
During her open studio day last week I met a couple more creative gals. I'm sorry I have forgotten the name of this lovely lady. She spent her time wrapping a gift for her beau for Valentine's day. In person this was quite a work of art. She wrapped an Oriental book and placed an old 45 record on top. It was a love song and her beau enjoys Oriental items and collects 45's. She used Oriental rubber stamps and chopsticks to decorate the gift. Clever.

This is Pat (love the name:-)) Pat sculpts by hand. She is working on a vase getting it glazed for firing.
My pal Wendy is creating pendants from broken vintage jewelry. FUN! I also met Corrine (sp?) but didn't get a picture of her or Sue.
Did I mention that Sue's husband gave me a hand drill? I used Sue's during a studio playtime and loved how easily it drilled a hole in metal and it was noiseless! I couldn't believe he gave me one of his drills. He also added a drill bit and a block of wood. Hey! Don't roll those eyes, this was a very awesome gift. I'm not sure how to repay him, but I hope Sue will help me out with this because I truly appreciate having a tool I can use any time I want and with ease. This couldn't have thrilled me more if it were pure gold.

I dyed some ribbons this morning. I needed a dye fix. I also wanted to go through the process to jot down helpful tips for dye class in March. It is easy to forget little things after the process is over. Here are some of them ready to hang to dry before ironing. Karrin...shipping some soon ;-)
Well I had better clean up my mess and make some calls to shelters for the 41st and 42nd dozen Comfort Doll shipments. I know, I know...I am taking the day off!


  1. Pat you never cease to amaze me.... I love seeing all you do and where you's like a virtual day of fun for me too!!
    and that drill!! Hey whose rolling the eyes?!?!?!? Lucky you.... and you can use it by candle light if the power goes off!! ROTFL
    It'raining here so the snow is fading...sigh... I hear the daffodils rustling!!! and no doubt the snowdrops are up.. I wonder?? I must go see...
    PS You wee dog is so sweet. Such good company aren't they.... I use to have a scottish terrier Angus McDuff, he was such a good companion, and I miss him so.... Couldn't bear to lose another , maybe someday we will get another.

  2. Teddy wants to come play with Angell. He is in a bit of trouble. Last night he got hold of my crochet wrist warmer and took off running and unraveling all my work. It was a site to behold. All is ok now. How can you get mad when they are having so much fun and smiling up at you. Grrrrr! Love your ribbons and the great colors. Sharon

  3. What a sweet little dog!Angell indeed!Love your chatty Blog. Dyeing is fun isn't it?! I like to spend the whole day doing it when I have a batch of laces.I use silk dyes but don't set as my work won't
    be washed. I just spray with fixitive later. Isn't it great to visit others' work spaces. Have fun!

  4. hi pat
    loving all your mermaid tears-snow to rain to fog this a.m.
    and that drill is truely a gift from the heart :)
    enjoy your day


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