Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puzzle swap reminder :-)

Confirmed participants in red. If you still plan on participating, please comment on this post with just your name and I will confirm it on the list. Even if you did send an email before Jan 1st to join in. I know how things can change, and want to be sure all the people listed do want to swap. :-)Thank you.

1. Pat Winter~ Hostess and participant
2. Tina Johnson
3. Karrin Hurd
4. Laurie Walton
5. Kathy Tollefson
6. Cindy
7. Kerry of Canada
8. Sharon Chapman
9. Freda Butler
10. Robin Robboy
11. Cathy K
12. Grace
13. Kristin Farwig
14. Gina of IN
15. Jaffy
16. Janine Franc mailed puzzle pattern
17. Annette J
18. Ira from Israel
19. Linda Schiffer
20. Kathy of Minnesota
21. Patti Edmon
22. Tattingchic of CA
23. Lana Richey mailed puzzle pattern 1/29/09
24. Amber in Ohio
25. Lisa of OR
26. Pattie of Mexico
27. Liz of Kansas
28. Jennifer of Canada
29. Ayala Levinger
30. Judy S
31. KV in New Mexico
32. Sara Brockunier
33. Marjorie Holme
34. Wendy Shu
35. Larna Ezzy
36. Joy Brooks
37. Melusine
38. Lynn in MN
39.Maggie R
40. Terisa
41. Micki


  1. oh wow, a couple have already sent theirs! I've been looking at mine and "incubating". LOL!

  2. I'm still in for this, Pat . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Amber Rutz6:21 PM CST

    Amber in Ohio, I'm still in.

  4. Hi Pat

    I am still in.



  5. Dear Pat,

    I actually confirmed in your last post but you must have missed me. Anyway things have been a bit crazy and I am so glad you highlighted this again. Count me in and I will get started this weekend.


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