Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Play day with Sis and Antique shop finds :-)

Yesterday was such a treat. I haven't been out since Friday, and that is not the norm for me, so even feeling under the weather, I was antsy. You can imagine how nice it was to have someone over, and to get to teach her CQ. My Sis brought fresh carrot juice and it tasted like nectar from the gods. I think she said she added apple and ginger to it. Yum! Anyway, we played in the studio and Brenda created two night light shades for her nieces. She did very well and even though I only taught her two stitches, she is doing a fabulous job.
Brenda is enjoying the Fargo roses...they appear like magic! (SIS didn't like that photo of her although I thought it was cute, I respect her feelings and removed it. This is her newest photo~Today I had errands and since they were local, I stopped at the Church resale shop and an Antique shop I haven't been to in years. I took my time and picked up several items to examine and was feeling a bit disappointed when nothing interested me. On my way out the door there was a large basket on a table marked "$3.00 for anything in a bag", so I started digging through the pile of odds and ends. My heart skipped a beat when I caught a glance at my favorite shells. They were in a baggie stapled shut but I knew they were mine even if some were broken. I then found a baggie with a beaded something or another...I will use that as a seam treatment. The last baggie I chose had a mother of pearl bird shape and a mother of pearl brooch...must haves. When I got home and unloaded, I read the tag on the shells....WHAT???? $42????????Yes, it is a lot of shells, but $42???? That is a bit high, however $3 is my cup of tea. I love the bird!!!!!

A lady asked me yesterday if gathering for CQ is expensive....this is my out bargains.Not only does it save cash for fabrics, but it is so much more fun :-)

I'm off to make fiber beads. Catch you later.


  1. Pat what a find. $42.00 offda I like 3 better. You have been very busy as of late. I think you and I must be twins as I have been under the weather too, and I guess locking myself out of the house didn't help. Please visit my blog.Your name has popped up again! Hugs, Sharon

  2. How lovely to have a sister and to have a good, friendly relationship with her.You are lucky to have each other. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. I love the little bird! I spent time with my sister last night. LOL! We are both avid crafters and thrift store enthusiasts. Can't pass up a bargain!

  4. Pat, you're so lucky to find those lovely shells with that price! I know how much you like the shells, these are so nice, shining like pearls.
    Enjoy them...

  5. Pat, looks like you and your sis had a wonderful day together. You found some great bargins there too.
    I love the will be a beautiful embellishment to any one of your CQ pieces of art.


  6. Hi Pat..
    Lucky you to have a sister... I wish I had one.. Being an only is lonely!Oh that rhymes... Could be a song!!!
    I love the great buys you got. Wow, The little bird is my fave..
    You are making fabric beads!!! I made some last week..LOL
    I need more batteries for my camera

  7. Your sister is doing a fabulous job1 lucky her to be taught by the Queen of CQ!! Wish that I lived close enought o take a class from you!!! I have some lovely shell pieces taht i have made into charms- are you still interested in more sea themed charms for your necklace? ( from several Posts back??)


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