Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New page on Art-e-zine and Guest blogger

Yes, I have been known to take my sewing to the beach. It is a very peaceful place to stitch by the way. To share a funny little story,I had a couple approach me as I sat on my blanket stitching away, to see what I was doing. I told them I was working on a crazy quilt and the clueless man asked,"Oh,I've heard of those. So that is why it's called a crazy quilt?" referring to me sewing at the beach. The woman and I laughed and then I explained the true reason.

My bio is ready for viewing as guest blogger on the Quilting Bloggers site.
Michele was so kind in allowing me to be a part of this and to share exactly who I am and why I love CQ so passionately. She had some good questions, so my apologies for writing a book,LOL. Thank you Michele! I am enjoying "meeting" other quilters and seeing their beautiful work.

Gillian Allen
, the hugely talented creator of art-e-zine has added a page of my crazy quilted purses. If you haven't browsed art-e-zine, grab a pot of tea because you are in for quite a treat.
Gillian also has a talent for collage as you will see when you browse the various artists pages where ideas are endless, inspiration runs wild, and eye candy is plentiful. Go enjoy!
Thank you Gillian for letting me share with your viewers. You did a beautiful job arranging them. So colorful and happy!
I meant to post last night after I gave Angell a bath, but I ended up cuddling her and we fell asleep. Baths are traumatic for her and she can only be dried by a heater with a towel. Hair dryers drive her bananas , plus they dry out dogs skin too much, especially in the Winter. Anyway, that is my excuse :-)

By the way, we already have a winner for the Guest Blogger question......Sharon answered correctly. The question was:In what year was the first use of the word,"Crazy" used to describe a random, asymmetrical pattern in needlework and in what publication?
Sharon answered:
It was in the "Cultivator and Country Gentleman" in 1878 when it was first published it referred to a cushion, I think.

The first use of the word crazy, to describe a random, asymmetrical pattern in needlework was in the "Cultivator and Country Gentleman" in 1878. It referred to an embroidered canvas cushion, to be passed among friends. Each would invent and embroider her own design, and when finished it was returned to its owner. As the article suggested, "You will think it a 'crazy" cushion indeed!".

CONGRATULAIONS SHARON!!!!!! I need your address to send your pendant!


  1. Yeah I won...thank you Pat! I am such a big fan of yours it will be an honor to have a gift from you, thanks again

  2. That is just so funny. The pic is so sweet.


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