Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Loads of snow!!!!!!!

It snowed all day yesterday, much of the time causing a "white out". Yes, Zero visibility. I loved it! I had a crazy morning and after I had a relaxing phone conversation with my pre-sis Brenda,(one day I'll figure out what to call her..she is my ex sis in law, and I still consider her family...any suggestions?) Anyway , I stayed in and watched the snow pile up. It devoured the garden, and any statuary remaining.

Speaking of garden, I am so envious of my bud Terri....she has signs of life in her Connecticut garden. When I read her blog yesterday and saw the little foxglove burrowing through to sunlight, my heart ached for Spring. I am so happy she had such a delightful surprise, and am anticipating photos of future garden discoveries. Yeah Terri!!!!!! Terri also shares some of her beautiful creations she is adding to her etsy shop. I am fortunate to own several of her hand made items, and I can vouch for their professional construction. She pays attention to detail and uses the most wonderful fabric prints. Terri has an awesome family, and I think one reason we connected a few years ago was our similarities, which have become almost spooky in how much we are alike. It doesn't happen often, but I'm sure each of you have someone who could be your double.

DH ate his pancakes and headed out the door to this~~~~~~
Poor guy!He has to shovel to the garden shed where he keeps the snowblower. He thinks he is heading off to work when he gets the driveway cleared, but I think he will throw in the towel. We shall see. I will have a mug of hot cocoa waiting for him.

I will be stitching on the night lights today. I should have been finished with them. I then need to make a bracelet for a freind. That will be fun. I also need to whip together a mini CQ pendant for the Quilting Gallery interview prize. The Quilting Gallery site is featuring various interviews by quilter's and I am the one for Feb 10th. I am offering a prize to answer a question. It's always fun to play along, especially when a prize is offered right? SO, if you aren't doing anything on the 10th, check it out. While you are there, read the history of the many quilters and see their work.

I am in need of some pretty red fancy fabrics for a purse that has me flustered. As many of you know, red is not a color I work with often, so naturally I do not own a lot of red fabrics. I need to contact Karen South and shop her stash. She offers awesome fabric collections and is always willing to put together a custom color pack. I really need to get this purse finished. It is for a kind woman I met at the quilt show who gave me a huge load of CQ supplies. She loves red and I just haven't been able to construct a purse to my liking. I am not one to take things apart, but so far I have destroyed two and a half purses. I think the problem is the fabrics...hence then need to give Karen a visit. I was hoping to get to Lemon Creek or Vogue, but this Winter has been a true Winter with the freezing temps and snowfall. When there is a nicer day, other plans are made. Oh well, such is life!

I cannot believe the responses from the OWOH giveaway. I really need to visit the blogs and put my name in for the neat prizes....hopefully this week I will get to that. Thanks to all of you who entered mine. I can't wait to send out the three gifties to winners!!!!

Have a great day and stay warm if you are in my area of the world!!!!


  1. How exciting Pat!!,

    I have marked my calander for the tenth so it doesn't slip by before I notice it's gone!!

    No snow here come for a visit anytime :) I'll fix a fresh pitcher of Limonada!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  2. Oh Pat ~ how sweet :) Add a happy teardrop to the happy face!
    Your comment made my night!
    Oh my goodness ~ the nightlight turned out amazing!
    I am going to be in NYC the 10th but maybe the hotel will have a computer! I will try to check in!
    LOL! Terri

  3. Wasn't this snow something. Needless to stay I had a snow day from work and spent the day stitching. The night light is adorable!


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